Best Singer Sewing Machine

Singer Corporation is the oldest known consumer sewing machine manufacturer, and its history dates back to 1851, when it was first founded. It was called I. M. Singer & Co. during the initial years when established by Isaac M. Singer and Edward C. Clark, one of the Lawyers in New York.

Soon it became famous for its sewing machines, and in 1865, it was assigned a new name as Singer Manufacturing Company, and finally, in 1963, it became Singer Company and is known so till date.

Though it is based in La Vergne, Tennessee, the mass production factory large enough to manufacture a high volume of sewing machines was situated at Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1863.

Singer produces machines that grow with you as you learn. They come as simple and easy-to-use sewing machines and serve you relentlessly for years to come. Its durability and reasonable price are also attractive.

Best Singer Sewing Machine

ImageModelOur RatingStitch CountStitches Per MinutePricing
Singer 44239.2231100See Best Price
Singer 44119.2111100See Best Price
Singer 99609.2600850See Best Price
Singer 33238.623-See Best Price
Singer 44329.2231100See Best Price
Singer 32329.032750See Best Price
Singer 14CG7549.0-1300See Best Price
Singer 14J2508.0-1300See Best Price
Singer XL4008.230-See Best Price
Singer 14SH6549.261300See Best Price
Singer 72589.4100750See Best Price
Singer 7469Q9.098700See Best Price