Singer 14SH654 vs. Brother 1034D Comparison

Who is the winner between Singer 14SH654 and Brother 1034D? These two models are identical in features and class, but it’s still worth taking the time to compare them. Anyone looking for a quality serger will want to know which model is better for construction quality and performance.

In this article, we will see how the two giants compare on various parameters such as stitching speed, stitch options, cutting facility, versatility, etc., so that you, as a future buyer, can make an informed choice before buying the product.

For those who don’t want to walk through the whole comparison of Brother 1034D and Singer 14SH654, here is the winner: Brother 1034D.

Why? Because the Brother 1034D is more affordable than Singer 14SH654 and provides almost the same features. If you want a basic sewing machine that can handle straight and zigzag stitches at the same time, then Brother 1034D is definitely your best option.

About Brother 1034D: The Brother 1034D is a standard and entry-level serger that is suitable for all levels of sewists, beginners. It is backed by Brother’s reputation and has many useful features that make serging easy and fast. You can choose from 22 different stitch options and a 3-4 thread system to suit all your serging needs.

Brother 1034D

The standard stitch options include a 3-thread overlock, a 4-thread overlock, rolled hem, a narrow hem, and a ribbon lock. And unlike other sergers, the controls for the 1034D can be found on the left side, which might be difficult for right-handed users.

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Singer 14SH654 Overview: Singer 14SH654 has a wide range of features that can be used by users who work with many different projects. This versatile machine can stitch six different stitches, allowing for quick trimming, overcasting, and easy trimming. You can switch between rolled and overedging without having to change the throat plate. This 14SH654 has an automatic reverse feature that allows for extra clearance under the presser foot lifter.

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  • These two machines appear to have more in common than differences at first glance. These machines have an electronic speed control that ensures a steady speed and no abrupt starts. They both have powerful motors capable of stitching at a maximum speed of 1,300 stitches per minute.
  • Both machines also feature a color-coded threading guide for easy operation and differential feeds that enables you to sew gathered fabric without stretching.
  • Both are comparable in size, weight, and overall dimensions.
  • Both two serger machines are lightweight and portable and can be carried around easily. These machines come with a carry handle that makes transporting it easy.
  • Both Brother 1034D and Singer 14SH654 models are affordable despite their many features and functions.
  • These portable sewing machines are light in weight, so they will cause vibrations at high speeds. Place a pad underneath the machines will help reduce or eliminate that instability.

The Main Differences Between Brother 1034D vs. Singer 14SH654

Here are few differences between them that can make a big difference in choosing the serger that best suits your needs.

  • The Brother 1034D is simple to use and one of the most popular serging machines in the market. The Brother 1034D’s simplicity and instructional video make it much easier to learn. There is a steep learning curve with the Singer 14SH654, however, especially when it comes to threading and tension tweaking.
  • The Singer 14SH654 has an uncommon function: the automatic reverse feature that gives you a little more clearance under the presser foot lifter, allowing you to work with multiple layers or thicker fabric.
  • The Singer 14SH654 has a variable stitch width of 3 to 6.7 mm and a length of 2 to 4 mm. Brother’s stitch-width control adjusts stitch width from 3 to 7 mm and length from 2 to 4 mm.
  • Singer 14SH654 has stitch options include a 3-thread overlock and wrapped-edge overlock stitching, a 4-thread mock safety stitch, and a flatlock and rolled and blind hem stitch. At the same time, the Brother has 22 stitch options, including a 3- or 4-thread overlock, a narrow hem and rolled hem stitch, and a ribbon lock stitch.

The Verdict: Singer 14SH654 vs. Brother 1034D Which Is Better?

The Brother 1034D is a versatile machine that both beginners and professionals can use. Although it has drawbacks, they do not detract from the fact that this model is an excellent purchase for the average user.

Both of them are very affordable compared to most models from major manufacturers, but sometimes you really have to consider the price in order to make an informed decision.

Brother 1034 is a more affordable choice and easier to use.

We don’t claim that this is the best sewing machine there is, but we can easily say that this model matches up with Singer 14SH654 and comes at nearly 40-50% lower cost, which makes this one of the best values for money options around plus its quality and performance are excellent.

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