Top 5 Best Sewing Machines (Sergers) for Swimwear

A serger also has a blade to trim the fabric edges as you sew, eliminating the need for you to separately cut and then sew or sew and then cut the unwanted fabric. Achieving a polished finish for the raw edges is a breeze with this kind of sewing machine.

Coming to the point, swimwear is usually made with a stretchy kind of fabric. It is also lightweight as heavyweight fabrics will weigh you down. When using a regular sewing machine to sew swimsuits, the spandex kind of fabric prone to cut and finish the edges is really tricky.

Sergers have a special feature called differential feed, which helps you feed the fabric at the right time to get even stitches based on fabric, which makes it the best sewing machine for swimwear. Also, the stitches are sewn in a way that the seam can take the stress and not burst open when stretched.

Excellent quality output is another good reason to prefer a serger for sewing swimwear. The stretchy and vibrant colored fabric gets right tending if you sew it with proper equipment. You can not only sew garments but also embellish them using this machine.

Go for that bold colors, decorative patterns, or anything you can imagine, and flaunt your unique style at the pool. Since serger is a versatile machine, it has several other applications and comes in handy in working on many other projects.

Once you start using a serger, you will find the difference between your previous works and the serger sewn works as they have superior quality. Check out the 5 best sergers for swimsuits listed below if you intend to purchase one for your next project.

Top 5 Best Sewing Machines for Swimwear

Brother 1034D Swimwear Serger

Brother 1034D

Brother 1034D is a beginner-friendly serger. A serger is a special type of sewing machine that comes with highly useful features. Few have sophisticated learning curves, but this one is relatively easy.

This serger allows you to work with up to 4 threads and has 22 built-in stitches that help in sewing the swimwear efficiently. Various stitches allow better customization for your garments.

It is a reliable and easy to use serger as it is produced by the Brothers company. Opting for this model will help you finish your swimwear with a professional finish. As this machine does not require a lot of learning before you start, you can get started quickly.

A free instructional video and a comprehensive manual are provided with the machine to understand how to use this serger. Beginners find these resources highly useful.

Similarly, a color-coded thread guide with numbers makes it easy to work on threading the machine. Coming to the stitches part, it is capable of doing ribbon lock stitches, rolled hems, and overlocks effortlessly.

Assembling the swimwear using this sewing machine is a breeze, even for those who are just starting. You can adjust the serger function based on the material you are sewing. This allows you to utilize different kinds of materials for your swimwear.

Its users are happy with the budget-friendly price, ease of use and good quality of this serger. They liked the way it sews the stretchy fabrics flawlessly.

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Janome 8002D Swimsuit Serger

Janome 8002D allows you to work with either 3 or 4 threads. It is a dependable serger and is preferred by both beginners and professionals similarly. Even experts rate this model as an apt choice for sewing swimwear.

Its affordable pricing is another reason you can choose this serger by Janome is its aesthetic appeal. This efficient serger has enough features to assist you in making professional-looking garments despite its budget price.

The rolled hem changeover is easier using this serger. You can create neatly finished rolled hems in no time, which are challenging and not so effortless as well as flawless on other similar machines.

Investing in this high-quality serger saves you money yet offers excellent output even if you are a beginner. Many first-time users expressed their satisfaction in using this machine and yielding fantastic results in few tries.

The bonus package provided with this serger contains a needle threader and few universal needles that help you when you need a replacement. Beginners find these contents very useful as they don’t know well about the spares and find them handy.

Another good news is you get this serger pre-threaded, meaning you can start using it right out of the box. Along with all the wonderful features you get along with this serger, its lightweight is also noteworthy as it allows easy portability.

Though this serger can work on various fabrics, it does not go well with heavyweight fabrics. However, swimsuits are usually made from lightweight fabrics, and if that’s your plan, this serger is all set to go.

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Juki Pearl Line MO-655 Bathing Costume Serger

This 2-needle sewing machine by Juki can work using 5 different threads. You get an instructional DVD to check how to use it efficiently for achieving maximum output. Pearl Line serger sewing machine is capable of creating excellent decorative stitches.

You can embellish your swimwear to your heart’s content or create a designer model using this sewing machine. Your imagination is the limit while you use this sewing machine to layout your dream designs effortlessly as it is fully equipped.

Making remarkable rolled hems is a breeze using this machine as it comes with a built-in rolled hem feature. It helps you create rolled hems with such an excellent finish they look nothing less than professionally created ones.

Rolled hems are challenging to achieve, and not all machines can do it as precisely as this sewing machine can do. The small-sized fold you need to sew on makes it difficult, and you can easily use Juki Pearl Line to make swimwear.

This sewing machine does not need much practice before you master it, as it is designed with an intuitive flow of actions. If you had any sewing experience before, then it would just seem natural with few uses and but if you are a beginner, it takes little extra learning.

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Singer 14CG754 Bikini Serger

The 1300 SPM of this professional-grade serger is highly impressive. Despite its advanced features, it comes at an amicable price in comparison to its counterparts. The free arm, easy switching to rolling hemstitching, and clearly labeled dials for adjustment are highlight features of this machine.

An instructional video is easy to use and makes it easier for you to understand how to operate it smoothly. This video also helps you in the setup process, which is fairly easy to do.

The ProFinish by Singer is capable of several stitch styles allowing you to create the most creative garments for swimwear. You get 2-3-4 thread capability and a range of stitching options that are useful according to your needs.

Using the two and three settings, you can sew thread-wrapped edge overlock and thread flatlock. Similarly, 2-thread overedge, 2-thread standard rolled hem, 3-thread overlock, 3- thread stretch mock safety stitch, and the 4-thread ultra-stretch mock safety stitch are possible.

It allows a stitch length adjustment of 2.0-4.0mm, cutting width of 3.0-6.7mm, and differential feed range of 0.7-2.0mm. Stitch length is adjustable using a simple turn of a dial or a knob for length, width, and tension.

The differential feed feature allows you to sew the stretchy and lightweight swimwear material without any puckering to give you a professional finish. This feature also makes it possible to achieve perfect seams on knit material.

The color-coded threading process offers complete guidance while you are re-threading for each project. It comes with a retractable cutting blade that allows you to choose if you will be cutting the seams or not.

You can move the blade safely beneath the needle plate, open the looper cover then slide the blade holder to the right. Finally, by turning the holder anti-clockwise till it locks into the position, you can safely tuck it off.

The four-thread mock-stretch stitch is used in professional projects and sewing knit fabric where the stitches are prone to snapping if stressed.

As you can lift the presser foot higher than its counterparts, you can sew multiple layers of fabric by placing them easily under the presser foot using the clearance offered.

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Singer 14J250 Serger for Swimwear

Working quickly on your projects is easier when you have the 1300 SPM producing serger. It comes with an electronic speed control offering consistent speed while sewing, ensuring no lags or sudden jumps.

Since it is portable, it is easy to carry when you travel or to classes. It comes with several stitch options and a 2-3-4 thread capability that gives you a wide range of stitch options. The Singer 14J250 Stylist II also comes with wide-open threading.

Its extra-high presser foot and other adjustability features offer better functionality than its counterparts.

Decorative stitches such as a rolled hem, 3-thread flatlock, and stretchy fabric-friendly stitches like 3-thread wrapped edge overlock and 4-thread stretch stitch are easy with this serger. Similarly, the 2-thread wrapped edge overlock and the 3-thread overlock stitches finish off the edges nicely.

The differential feed of 0.7 to 2.0mm gives you even stitches. Incandescent lighting provided with this machine brightens up the area to sew without any mistakes. Also, the automatic needle threader is convenient.

You need not align the fabric along with the needle plate markings as you get a cutting gauge attached to the needle plate. This makes it easy as you can achieve precise cutting widths by just allowing the fabric edge along the raised edge of the guide.

Accessories such as 4 spool holders, 4 thread nets, 4 thread spools, all-purpose foot, cutting width gauge, dust cover, instruction manual, needles, screwdrivers, stitch fingers, tweezers, and two thread converters.

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Final Words

You might have observed the stretchy fabrics come with a different kind of stitch. It is made using a special machine called serger or overlock machine in common terms. They differ from standard sewing machines as they come with 3-4 different threads and 3-5 bobbins.

This setup allows for quick and efficient working and versatility by offering various stitches for diverse uses. Even time taking quilting can be completed faster using these machines.

Using the above sergers, you can do both normal stitching and serger offered stitches. So, it is a notch higher than a standard sewing machine. They have various kinds of stitches that can finish off the edges with a neat stitch by locking the seams.

Thus, locked seams do not fray easily and help maintain the professional finish of the garment even after using it for a long time. Also, the fabric trim facility found in the serger is handy in creating flawless edges.

Above all, they come with stretch fabric-friendly stitches and can even handle lightweight fabrics easily. Various price range machines are mentioned here to help you choose based on your budget and requirement.

Hope you find your serger and get to work on that swimwear you have been dreaming of!

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