Top 6 Best Sewing Machines for Hemming (Pants, Jeans & Curtains)

Hemming is used in finishing off the raw edges by folding them under and then stitching the fabric for a neat and fray-free edge. Finishing raw edges is an important part of most sewing projects.

This delicate stitch requires proper technique to stay put. When this stitch is not done properly, the edges unravel, making the garment look shabby. You can accomplish it using either a hand stitch or a sewing machine.

However, a sewing machine for hemming offers a stronger hold as well as a neater finish among both these methods. Let us see which sewing machines are best for hemming purposes below.

Top 6 Best Sewing Machines for Hemming

Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Singer 4411 is a heavy-duty hemming machine with a powerful motor that allows you to sew at a maximum speed of 1100 SPM.  The stainless steel bedplate and the interior metal frame are durable to endure loads of work.

It comes with 4 presser feet and 11 stitch patterns, among which you also get the blind hemstitch. With the help of a pattern and the appropriate presser foot, you can sew the hem in no time. This stitch is very discreet and does not show up conspicuously on the surface of the hemmed edge.

Facilities such as a top drop-in bobbin and the ability to control the pressure of the foot presser give you the ability to easily work with many kinds of fabric. Also, the drop feed system, stitch length and width adjustability, and the free arm is mention-worthy features of this sewing machine.

Provision of automatic reverse stitch button, 3 needle positions, snap-on presser feet, extra-high presser foot lifter, and onboard storage gives you extra flexibility and comfort. The four-step buttonhole helps in sewing buttons and the buttonhole quickly.

Its 60% higher sewing speed than the standard sewing machines makes it desirable. Besides, you get 25 years of limited warranty, which is impressive.

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Juki HZL-G220 Sewing Machine

With 180 stitch patterns, Juki HZL-G220 can be termed the computerized sewing machine suitable for hemming and other big projects. It has a wide-spaced underarm and is capable of 900 SPM speed with a box feed system.

A box feed system feeds the fabric using a box motion to prevent shifting or shrinking of the fabric, which is sometimes possible when you feed in an oval motion.

This powerful feeding system and the enhanced presser foot control are capable of sewing blind hem on thicker materials such as denim, making it the best sewing machine for hemming jeans.

Among the 180 stitch patterns that come with this machine, you get 40 decorative stitches, 8 buttonhole stitches, 10 decorative quilts, 22 practical use stitches, and 1 alphabet pattern of upper and lower, numbers, punctuation, and European characters.

This full-fledged sewing machine is also equipped with an LCD, a bright LED light, a wide workspace, auto needle threading, and thread cutter facilities. Along with excellent hemming, you can also create high-quality buttonholes of 8 types.

The maximum stitch length is 5 mm, and the width is 7 mm. You get accessories such as a T-shape screwdriver, 4 bobbins, needle set, seam ripper, large and small spool caps, cleaning brush, foot controller, and the power cord along with this sewing machine.

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Brother CS7000i

There are 70 built-in stitches provided with this computerized sewing machine. This machine works with a speed of 850 SPM and offers a maximum stitch length and width of 5 x 7 mm. The LCD and power cord are provided with this machine.

Coming to the accessories pouch, it is filled with a screwdriver, spool pin, cleaning brush, eye punch, seam ripper, twin needle, and needle set.

The detachable wide table, quick start guide, operations manual, and hard protective case are also provided. You get the feed dog with 6 points and 10 presser feet.

Though there are 10 presser feet available with this machine, two of them need to be mentioned, especially, i.e., the piecing foot and the blind stitch foot. The piecing foot is capable of creating perfect ¼” seams that are extremely useful for quilting.

Similarly, blind stitch foot can do blind hems where the hemming on the raw edges is a breeze, and the best thing is it does not show up on the surface. Hence this is the best sewing machine for blind hem stitch, which can come in handy frequently for your projects.

You also get 25 years of limited warranty with this sewing machine.

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Janome HD1000

The Janome HD1000 has an aluminum exterior and an interior and is capable of sewing 14 stitch patterns, including a 4-step buttonhole. You can sew several types of fabrics using Janome HD1000.

This mechanical hemming sewing machine sews at a speed of 840 stitches and comes with a front-loading bobbin facility. You get 4 presser feet that snap on easily. They include zipper foot, blind hemming foot, buttonhole foot, and general-purpose foot.

The blind hemming foot is useful in sewing the raw edges of your fabrics without showing up and stitches or tiny stitches on the surface. Accessories such as oil, small screwdriver, large screwdriver, needle set, spool pin felt, bobbins, and hardcover is accompanied by this machine.

The in-built threader, thread cutter, manual tension adjustment for thread, 3-piece feed dogs drop feed, and the reverse lever help sew your projects efficiently.

The extra-high presser foot help in accommodating multiple layers of fabric or thick fabrics under the needle and help them move smoothly while being stitched. Both beginners and advanced users find it useful due to its first-class features.

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Janome Memory Craft Horizon 8200QCP

This professional quilting machine Janome MC Horizon 8200QCPis equipped with excellent functions and design capability, which reflects both the quality and innovation mark found in Janome machines. You can use this heavy-duty machine to hem curtains, jeans, and pants. It has several interesting features, such as the Accu-feed system, which works similar to walking feet.

Sewing slippery, thick, or multiple layers is workable using this proprietary mechanism. The extra-high presser foot lift adds support while working with thick fabrics.

Its 1000 SPM speed is super useful in adding swiftness to your job. A knee lift lever allows you to lift the presser foot without the need to use your hand that can hold your fabric undisturbed while you turn it.

You can conveniently place the cone thread in this machine that is longer than a regular thread. Adjusting thread tension using the manual dial is easy, and you can set it to your desired value.

Presser feet such as satin stitch foot open toe, rolled hem foot, overedge foot, open toe satin stitch foot, darning foot, blind hem foot, and a 3-way cording foot are present in the accessories. Also, a seam ripper, twin needle, and specialized bobbin are provided.

The 170 built-in stitches up to 9mm wide, including 3 alphabets, 10 one-step buttonholes. Other features include an automatic needle threader, speed control, programmability, LCD are other.

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Janome Magnolia 7318

Janome 7318

The four-step automatic buttonhole and 18 stitch patterns available with this mechanical machine make it a perfect beginner-suitable one. This machine comes with a two-year warranty and 15 years of extended limited warranty also.

Its drop bobbin facility is easy to operate. Several accessories such as 2 extra spool pins, spool holder, needle set, felt, bobbin, screwdriver, lint brush, seam ripper, foot control, and instruction manual are provided by default.

The blind stitch foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, and standard foot allow versatility in your projects. Especially the blind stitch foot is handy in finishing the raw seams flawlessly. Otherwise, manually sewn takes a lot of time and effort.

It is considered the best sewing machine for hemming pants as it gives excellent finishing to your edges and is long-lasting. The thread cutter, jam-proof bobbin, see-through bobbin, and lightweight are a few of the advantages offered by this sewing machine.

You can replace the presser foot easily with generic ones if they are subject to wear and tear, giving you more flexibility for spares or extra accessories for enhanced functionality. Overall, this is an amazing starter sewing machine that is capable of giving high-quality output.

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How To Hem Pants and Jeans With a Hemming Sewing Machine

First, you need to press the raw edge by folding it to your requirement and pinning it, and you can start with setting your machine. Attach the blind hem foot and set the stitch pattern accordingly.

The blind hem presser foot comes with a guide for making even stitches which will aid you while sewing. Using the thick thread designated to sew denim, fill the bobbin and thread the machine.

Make sure that you are using the right kind of needle that can handle thick denim in layers. Choose the right kind of needle with enough strength and start sewing after inserting the bobbin in place.

Adjust the presser foot pressure and the height to allow smooth gliding of fabric. If required and available, consider using an extra-high presser foot lifter accessory for easier sewing.

Check for the ½” mark on the needle plate and focus on the mark while sewing to guide you straight. You can begin from the inner leg seam and sew around, ensuring that the pins do not get in the way.

Also, make sure that the stitch is not very close to the edge, as it defeats the purpose of trying to give a distressed look to the jeans. This method gives you jeans a professional look, just like the showroom-bought ones.

As already mentioned, using the presser foot lifter accessory will make the process much easier, especially near the seams where thickness increases. If you do not have this accessory, you can fold paper into layers to achieve a similar height of the fabric you are sewing and place it as you would place the accessory.

The same hemming method is useful in resizing the jeans to a shorter length. Make sure to use sharp scissors by adding the allowance required for folding to the required measure and cut it to start the process from the beginning, as mentioned above.


What Stitch Is Suitable for Hemming Pants?

The blind hem stitch is suitable for hemming pants. It is achieved using the blind hem presser foot provided with your sewing machine and by selecting the blind hem stitch pattern. This stitch can also be sewn manually, but you will need a lot of patience, time, energy, focus, and preciseness.

Can You Use a Standard Sewing Machine for Hemming?

A sewing machine with a blind hem capability is useful for hemming. Manual hemming can be uneven and visible despite picking very little fabric from the front while passing the needle.

On the other hand, a machine can sew perfectly even stitches and pick exactly the same expanse of fabric each time, giving you an outstanding result. Hence the blind hem, or the invisible hem as it is widely known as is possible on a standard sewing machine and is the preferred kind.

What Is Invisible Hemming?

Blind hemming is also known as invisible hemming as it is hardly visible on the surface with a tiny dot-like stitch which is hard to make out when you use exact matching thread. Using this stitch, you can fold the fabric edges and sew them together to give a neat finish.

The Verdict

When trying to find the best sewing machine for altering clothes or to give a professional-looking finishing to your clothes, you need to consider many factors. Especially several sewing machines offer blind stitch facility making it difficult to execute a buying decision.

However, the market research done by us will come in handy to help you decide which sewing machine works for which purpose. It is unfair to declare one of these as the ultimate choice as they made it to the list for different reasons.

Although I can definitely say that you have a suitable machine here no matter what your need is. So, check out the reviews carefully and happily purchase the sewing machine of your choice backed up by the sewing experts.

Happy Hemming!

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