Top 7 Best Sewing Machines for Fashion Design Students

Fashion designing students require excellent quality sewing machines as they need to create their designs as they advance in their course. Similarly, even fashion enthusiasts who wish to create their own designs at home need an apt sewing machine.

Thus a good-quality sewing machine for fashion design students should be easy to use, easy to handle, and should offer the number of settings needed for students to experiment with various materials.

When you say good quality, it is synonymous with a high price in most cases. However, with little research, you can find good machines at an appropriate price.

Their high durability guarantees that they will last you for years. Because fashion students have a higher usage of sewing machines and require reliable machines. Check out the below 7 best sewing machines for fashion design students that come in varied price range and different functioning capabilities.

Most of them are computerized sewing machines with advanced features like LCD screen, memory function, speed control, automatic needle threader, etc., at an affordable price.

You do not need to spend a lot of money on an expensive & advanced sewing machine as you can create stunning outfits with such a fashion student sewing machine.

Top 7 Best Sewing Machines for Fashion Design Students

The reason why a particular sewing machine has been ranked as one of the best is that it ensures:

  • It offers an ergonomic design. This makes it comfortable to hold as well as lightweight.
  • It has some excellent features such as memory function, minimum speed control, and automatic needle threader feature.
  • It can sew with different kinds of fabrics ranging from leather, canvas, and denim to chiffon, silk, cotton, and other delicate materials.

Brother SE600 Computerized Student Sewing Machine

Along with computerized controllability, this sewing machine by Brother has several amazing features such as 80 unique designs, 103 built-in stitches, a large hoop area, and almost everything a fashion design student can dream of.

This mid-range machine does not only offer fantastic functionality but also comes with an amicable price tag. You get a fully equipped sewing machine from an automatic needle threader to LED lights that help you work more efficiently on your creative projects.

It is purchased mostly by fashion designers who need advanced services but are not yet ready to invest in costly computerized equipment. SE600 is capable of producing quality output designs that reflect your creativity perfectly with its extraordinary work.

Be it patterns or normal straight stitch, and you can work seamlessly on various fabrics, from heavy to lightweight. Its versatility, ease of use, and comfort it offers are matchless. The huge collection of 103 stitches helps you in sewing many kinds of patterns.

Its capability of both stitching and embroidery makes it useful for all your sewing needs. The large display allows you to choose stitches. It also indicates the stitch type as well as the pressor foot necessary to implement that stitch.

The LED lighting provides you with ample brightness to create precise designer pieces and the creative embroidery with necessary intricacy even in low light. This machine is companied with a range of attachments and accessories that enhance the functioning of this machine to a greater level.

The 7 presser feet, dust cover, embroidery hoop, embroidery foot, foot controller, and so on are useful in producing fashionable clothing. Similarly, the free arm is very useful in sewing tube items easily, which otherwise is time taking and does not give a proper finish.

Transferring embroidery design to the machine is possible using the USB port provided on the machine. The feature-rich Brother SE600 embroidery and sewing machine comes with a 25-year guarantee and free customer support.

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Juki TL-2010Q Sewing Machine for Fashion Design Students

Juki TL-2010Q is an industrial sewing machine with high reliability, optimum speed, and excellent durability. However, this machine may seem expensive at the student stage, as it has advanced features, it will also suffice your further needs making it a long-term investment.

This machine comes with a wider handling area and has the maximum number of predetermined stop positions for greater convenience. Fashion design students find this machine very useful due to its portability as they can carry it anywhere along with them.

This makes it easier for them to attend any show or competition easily as they will have the industry-level sewing machine handy for making their project the best. The high-quality output produced by this sewing machine is appreciated by its users.

Juki TL-2010Q offers value to its cost when compared with its counterparts in the same price range. You can set the needle position as up or down based on your requirement. Also, the thread cut button cuts the thread in a snap.

Similarly, the speed control button allows you to control the speed easily using a touch of the button. The free motion quilting is possible by altering the position of the dog-foot as you can keep it up or down for complete control.

Tension adjustability helps you sew any kind of fabric as you can adjust it accordingly for thick and thin fabrics for neat stitches. The sewing area is illuminated with LED lights to complete your projects with precision as you have ample lighting.

You can lift or lower its presser foot without using your hands. Even the bobbin replacement is very easy, and you can start sewing quickly. If you lubricate it well enough, it aids you in making all kinds of projects with ease.

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Singer 9960 Fashion Student Sewing Machine

The singer has a high reputation among sewing machines, and so is its Quantum stylist model 9960. This popular sewing machine is computerized and has several interesting features useful for fashion design students.

The 1-step buttonhole comes with 13 built-in variants, which allow you to sew different kinds of buttonholes. Its automatic needle threader eliminates the need to thread the needle each time, helping you focus on the project.

The good stitching speed is commendable and easy operation allows you to use this machine effortlessly. If you are a fashion design student, you will find it perfect for all your sewing needs.

It offers so many features that the price you pay for this sewing machine will not seem more when you keep using it for years to come, i.e., even after becoming a proficient designer. You can sew heirloom sewing, decorative patterns, quilting, home décor, and other projects.

The 4 calligraphic styles that come with this machine are useful in making various lettering projects in style. There are a total of 600 built-in stitches that are ample to help you create excellent designs. Moreover, these stitches can further be customized using stitch elongation and mirror imaging.

The high sewing speed of 850 SPM adds sped to your hard work and allows you to complete your projects in time. As heavy-duty metal is used in its construction, you get a sturdy built machine with high durability.

The transparent dust cover looks elegant on this machine and keeps it safe from dust when you are not using it. This cover is extremely useful as the sewing machine parts are very intricate, and when the dust settles on them, they start behaving weirdly.

When you cover them properly and protect the sewing machine parts from dust, you keep them safe from a vulnerability that extends their life significantly. In comparison to its counterparts, this sewing machine has the best features and offers complete value to its investment.

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Brother XM2701

Brother XM2701 is the feature-packed compact sewing machine preferred by most fashion designing students. Though loaded with several functions, it is simple to use and has wide applications that are equally appreciated by beginners and advanced uses.

It is a lightweight machine with 27 built-in stitches and comes with an instructional DVD for clear execution. You get a 3-pieces needle set, 6 different sewing feet, twin needles, 4 bobbins, and some other accessories to support various kinds of functions available with this sewing machine.

The auto-size buttonhole, stretch stitches, zig-zag stitch, blind hem, and any other decorative stitches are possible using this machine. The top drop-in bobbin is jam-resistant, and the automatic needle threader saves you time in threading the needle.

The free arm facility makes it a perfect sewing machine for sewing the cuffs and sleeves without any difficulty. This provision is appreciated by most fashion designers as it gives them the freedom of sewing tube kinds of things flawlessly.

The automatic bobbin winding system allows you to wind the bobbin without any fuss. Its lightweight and user-friendly design are its plus points as it is easier to move from one place to another, and you can get started quickly. It is a versatile machine with full-fledged features.

The “at your side support” provision by Brother’s offers free support via phone or chat for a lifetime on any technical issues or support required for this model. It is suitable for sewing both everyday projects as well as fashion-oriented apparel.

Its 25 years limited warranty and all-time customer support make this machine popular among sewing folks as they have excellent support and safety for their investment.

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Janome HD1000

Planning for heavy sewing? Then Janome HD1000 is apt for you. This sewing machine is made for heavy sewing projects that can handle heavyweight fabrics with ease. Even leather and plastic are sewn smoothly using this machine where others struggle.

Any fabric from medium to heavy, all your projects gain perfect finish from time to time. You can modify the stitch length and customize it to your needs. Locking the edges is easy using the reverse stitch provision.

Its 14 built-in stitches are useful in performing various tasks, including zig-zag. The four-step buttonhole makes it easy to work with buttons and buttonholes. Otherwise, they require manual sewing needing a lot of effort and time but still cannot give the neat finish obtained on the machine.

The automatic needle threader is a handy feature to help you complete threading within seconds effortlessly. Also, the free arm feature gives you support for sewing tricky cylindrical parts such as cuffs and hemming pant edges.

The drop feed provides complete control over various projects that require free-motion sewing. Its snap-on facility for presser foot allows you to change them quickly without much effort. As it comes with a push-pull winding bobbin, you will have no trouble in winding the bobbin.

The dust cover makes sure that your sewing machine stays free from dust. Keeping your machine free from dust is an important part of extending the life of your sewing machine. It is strong enough to get you through all kinds of sewing tasks.

This makes it an ideal machine even for fashion designing students as they can experiment on various materials without any hold back due to the limitations of sewing machines. Few users suggested placing a mat under the machine to prevent it from vibrating too much while working at top speed.

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Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine

This beginner-friendly machine seems intuitive to operate even for beginners and has a very little learning curve. Fashion design students opt for it for ease of use, and they use it for a long time even after becoming advanced designers as it is durable and useful even after many years.

Regular sewing or decorative sewing, everything is possible with this machine. It is compact and lightweight, allowing you to carry it with you even if you have to travel a lot for shows or competitions.

Also, the LED lights make sure that you have enough lighting when you sew despite your surroundings, making it ideal for even low-light conditions. The work area is well illuminated for checking your stitches and to sew precisely for fine finishing.

The automatic needle threader saves you from straining your eyes and losing focus from your project as the threading is automatic and is done within seconds. You can keep sewing without the need to waste any time while you are speeding up on your project.

You just need to pull down the needle threader and keep the thread into the hook and pull the threader back, and you are done in less than a minute. The 30 built-in stitches are offered with this sewing machine, along with 6 buttonhole styles that can be sewn in a single step.

It comes with advanced features such as drop feed, free arm needle up/down the system, and customizable stitch length and width. The reverse lock stitch button and the start/stop button are highly useful in performing your sewing tasks easily.

Another advantage of this machine is that you don’t need to depend on the foot control to keep pressing it. Pressing the start/stop button initiates sewing, and then press stops when you are done.

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Brother XR3240 Computerized Sewing

Brother XR3240 is useful for button sewing, general sewing, and decorative sewing. It is an intermediate-level suitable sewing machine meaning beginners to mid-level users find it highly useful.

Though it comes at a budget price suitable for fashion design students, you need not bother about the quality of the sewing machine. It is made by the reputable Brothers company who hold their quality high without any compromise.

The monogramming feature of this sewing machine is useful for creating beautiful lettering designs. Its quilting ability helps you work on a variety of projects using this single sewing machine. The work area supports this process.

The lightweight of this machine makes it suitable for transporting it from place to place easily while traveling. It is capable of sewing medium to light fabrics. However, you cannot sew canvas or leather kinds of heavy fabrics.

Except for its inability to work on heavy fabrics, fashion design students can achieve almost anything required with ease. As already mentioned, its budget and versatility make it a good machine for starters and mid-range designers.

Its strengths include 140 built-in stitches that include auto-size buttonholes in 8 styles. The extensive choice of alphanumeric stitches, decorative stitches, and basic stitches give the fashion design students great support in making their projects creative.

The LED light and wide table illuminate the whole work area allowing you to work comfortably. The 9 presser foot offers versatile functionality.

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How to Choose the Best Sewing Machines for Fashion Design Students

You have just read the top 7 best fashion student sewing machines review, and now we are going to look into some of the most important factors that make a good product. The first thing we will talk about is the type of sewing machine.

#1. Computerized Model

A computerized model makes it easy to sew than a mechanical model sewing machine. Manual models require a lot of effort to sew design patterns, whereas computerized models can easily be programmed for achieving the same.

They are highly reliable and offer precise output for your projects. Customizing the stitch patterns and saving them for the next use is also possible, which is not the case with manual machines. Several pre-designed patterns are also available on the internet that further simplifies your efforts.

Lights come as default in many computerized machines that help see the stitch you are sewing clearly and support you in creating excellent garments. The touch screen helps you in performing many actions quickly.

Though the computerized models are expensive than manual models, they do offer value to the price. Their heavy-duty motors are capable of sewing heavyweight fabrics also.

Additional features such as decorative stitch and overlocking stitch facilities add further weightage to these sewing machines.

#2. Stitching Capacity

Rather than the number of stitches, you need to check for the type of stitches it offers and what you need. For instance, stitches such as zig-zag, buttonhole stitch, straight stitch are high usage stitches you need for your sewing projects.

More stitches such as a blind hem knit stitch and utility stitch are good to have. So, check for stitches you plan to use frequently and see if they are offered in that sewing machine.

Coming to stitching speed, you might not consider it important during the initial stages, but you will need high speed to complete your projects quickly as you advance. If you purchase an average-speed sewing machine, it might not be able to catch up with your advanced speed that can delay your projects.

Another important stitch feature is customizable stitch length and width. It gives you high flexibility to work with various types of fabrics and allows you to create several models of stitches by varying them.

#3. Accessories and Attachments

Again, here the same logic as above applies. It is the useful number of accessories or attachments but not the number of total accessories you should consider. So, you need to be aware of what attachments you absolutely require and try to choose a sewing machine offering most of them.

The button and buttonhole feet, zipper feet are greatly useful in making apparel, so these attachments are a must. A detachable free arm and extendable table add more comfort to your sewing experience.

Also, a dust cover is a good accessory to have, even though it is not mandatory as it extends the life of your sewing machine by protecting it from gathering dust.

#4. Budget

Budget is not about saving money but about getting proper value for what you are investing. If you try to save money and avoid expensive machines, you will end up with a sewing machine that is not useful to you after few months into your course.

So, understand that spending on the right machine will give you years of service but also helps you in keeping you ahead in your projects. You will soon realize that choosing the better sewing machine had saved you from many hassles as other students vent out their woes while sewing with so-so machines.

A reliable sewing machine also keeps your mind at peace as you can trust it’s working during an important assignment. During this course, you just do not have time to run behind fixing the sewing machine, wasting your valuable time when you should be concentrating on your task at hand.

Final Words

Sewing has a wide variety of levels, and a sewing machine is required for each purpose depends on the users’ skills. For fashion design students, it should be a sewing machine that grows with them as they can simply outrun its use if it is a beginner’s machine.

Yes, most of the fashion students are starters, but they will soon advance to higher levels.  They find that using a beginner-level sewing machine is limiting their ability as they cannot create the design they have in their mind with the machine they have.

Fashion design students require a minimum of mid-level machines that can support them through their course and in the initial stages of their designing careers. However, a full-fledged machine allows them to flourish much farther and supports almost every sewing challenge they need to address.

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