Top 3 Best Sewing Machines for Dog Collars and Leashes

Can you imagine a world without dogs? It would be an awfully quiet place. People have been palling around with canines for more than thousands of years; we’ve domesticated them and bred them to fulfill various roles in our lives, such as companionship, protection, and hunting.

The collar is a dog accessory that has developed from a mere control accessory to a device you can use in correcting dog behaviors and even communicate with them.

The function of a collar is notifying that an animal is not a stray one. With a tag, the collar can also be used to identify your animal in case they run away. A collar is also a tool for dog training: with a leash, you will teach your dog to heel. Finally, the last function of the collar is to signify to your dog they are part of your pack and you are the master.

For all these reasons, it is essential to get your dog used to wear a collar at a young age. You can buy collars suitable for puppies. Most of the time in nylon, they are light, easy to use, and cheap. Note that you will need to change your puppy’s collar several times until they reach their adult size.

This article presents an overview of the top 3 sewing machines for dog collars and leashes. Their salient features are outlined to aid in direct comparison and thus help you gain a better and quick understanding of each of them.

What Are Dog Collars Made From?

Dog collars can be made with a wide variety of materials, including nylon, neoprene, metal, leather, biothane, polyester, hemp, and vinyl woven with cotton, referred to as oilcloth. Each of these is characterized by differing features.

For instance, nylon collars are the most preferred basic collars and are cheap, available in numerous styles, colors, sizes, and patterns. They are lightweight, washed quite often, worn comfortably, and easily replaceable.

Being mostly contrary to nylon collars, chain collars are made of metal, heavy, smell-free, durable, washed easily, and very sturdy. They make a good fit for the dogs that play rough. However, they are less likely to be replaced and also pose choking hazards!

Leather collars, although quite expensive, smelly, and limited in designs, are neither too soft nor too robust. Moreover, they are long-lasting, breathable, easy to clean, resistant to allergies, and skin-friendly.

Top 3 Best Sewing Machines for Dog Collars and Leashes

Here is a list of the top 3 sewing machines that make a good fit for the stitching of dog collars and leashes

Janome HD3000BE

Janome HD3000BE is a sturdy aluminum-made sewing machine that is ideal for stitching dog collars. It can operate at a maximum speed of 860 stitches per minute and handle various heavy fabrics efficiently.

The machine comes with 18 different types of inbuilt stitches and 9 snap-on accessory feet that help in blind hemming, overedging, hemming, zipping, satin stitching, one-step buttonholing, ultra-gliding, zigzagging, button sewing, and transparent buttonholing.

The desired stitch type can be chosen by turning the associated dial, and the stitch length and width in each case can be set up to a maximum of 4mm and 6.5 mm, respectively.

The machine has an in-built needle threading unit and a top-loading drop-in bobbin system. Also, a thread cutter fitted at its side, a hinged faceplate, and a cloth guide screwed into the machine bed.

It is feature-rich and is supplied with numerous accessories like a pack of bobbins, one set of leather needles, a hard case, a quilt kit, one pack of universal needles and a combined power cord, and a foot control unit.

It supports free motion quilting as it has an open-toe darning foot, a convertible free arm, an adjustable high-lift extra presser foot, a 5-piece feed dog, and a droppable feed system aid in free motion quilting.

Adding to these, the machine is supplied with a detailed instruction manual, an easy stitch reverse button, two-needle positions, even feed foot, craft foot, an auto declutch bobbin winder, ¼” seam foot, and a warranty period of 5 years.

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Brother ST371HD

Brother ST371HD is a budget-friendly machine that can handle various fabrics ranging from satin to denim. It is robustly made and has an attached handle which makes it durable and easily portable. It can sew at a top speed of 800 stitches per minute.

There are 37 different types of in-built stitches, including blind hems, zippers, 1-step auto-size buttonholes, stretch stitches and thus offer great versatility to the stitch patterns.

Any desired stitch pattern can be chosen using the stitch selector dial and personalized to best suit the need. The tension of the thread can also be adjusted using the upper thread tension control dial.

The machine comes with 6 different sewing feet that include blind stitch foot, button sewing foot, spring action zigzag foot, buttonhole foot, nonstick foot, and zipper foot. It also supports a drop feed feature and is thus suitable for accomplishing free-motion sewing.

There is an in-built needle threader that easily helps to pull the thread through the needle’s eye. Its bobbin system is jam-resistant, quickly settable, and of top drop-in type. Moreover, the bobbin winding mechanism is automatic and is thus hassle-free.

The machine has a metal needle plate and comes with a set of heavyweight needles. These help to handle multiple layers of fabrics while ensuring smoother, even feed. ST371HD has even a free arm fitted to it that helps in the quick sewing of cuffs and sleeves.

Besides these, there is a reverse sewing lever that helps in reinforced stitching, a detailed instructional DVD, free hotline technical support for the entire lifetime, and a 25-year warranty for the machine parts.

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Singer Heavy Duty 4423

SINGER Heavy Duty 4423 is a heavy-duty machine that can operate at a maximum speed of 1100 stitches per minute. It is constructed using high-standard metal and is fitted with a powerful motor. This makes it durable and capable of high performance.

There are 23 different types of in-built stitches, including 6 basic stitches, 12 decorative stitches, one 1-step buttonhole, and 4 stretch stitches. The length and width of all the stitches can be adjusted up to 6 mm.

This sewing and quilting machine allows you to set the needle positions to 3 different positions. Also, it can handle a wide variety of fabrics ranging from lightweight to heaviest ones owing to its adjustable presser foot pressure.

An in-built needle threading system and a transparent top drop-in bobbin system help in easy threading. Further, a stainless-steel bedplate helps in the smooth gliding of the cloth material underneath the needle.

Moreover, the machine comes with numerous accessories like zipper foot, edge/quilting guide, general purpose foot, spool caps, screwdriver, buttonhole foot, seam ripper/lint brush, and spool pin felt, a pack of needles, button sewing foot, bobbins, auxiliary spool pin, and a soft dust cover.

Adding to these, there are 2 years of warranty, a free arm, automatic reverse sew option, and an added storage area. The even feed walking presser provided with the equipment makes the handling of leather easy and professional.

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