Top 5 Best Mid-Arm Sewing Machines Reviewed

Mid-arm quilting machines are a dream come true for passionate quilters as the quilting projects fly when you have the right equipment. They save you time, energy, frustration, and effort by providing you with speed, deep penetrating needles, large space, and good lighting.

The advanced quilting machines made the process of quilting easier than in the past, which was a time-consuming process. These machines are one of the reasons for keeping this traditional art alive even in this busy modern world.

The latest technology made it convenient and allowed the users to explore new techniques that keep on renewing the quilting patterns from time to time. When you have to get into the race, you need to be prepared with one of the below mid-arm machines.

Top 5 Best Mid-Arm Sewing Machines

Janome 1600P-QC Mid-Arm Sewing Machine

Janome’s 1600P-QC with its powerful 1600 SPM offers heavy-duty performance. This workhorse is equipped with a sensor for the presser foot that does not allow the user to start the machine if it is up position.

The knee lift system is not unique to this machine but what stands out is the facility to adjust it toward the right or left, making it possible to operate conveniently. Quilting is a series of repeated actions, and the needle requires to be in a certain position while working with each stage.

The needle position memorizing setting will aid you greatly in making feasible changes to the needle performance. For instance, you can set it down for sewing hems or corners and up when you want to stop the machine.

As the bobbin winder utilizes a different motor than the main sewing motor, you can do both the actions at a stretch, and that will also save you time. Provision to adjust the speed using the slider allows you to have complete control over the operation of the machine.

Due to its capability of applying 11 lbs. force, sewing through multiple layers is a piece of cake for this machine. The stitch length adjustability, automatic thread cutter, dual lighting, reverse sewing, and many such useful features are available with this machine.

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Grace Q’nique 14+ Mid Arm Sewing Machine

The 14” throat is the outstanding feature of Q’nique 14+ produced by Grace. Its hand grips are comfortable enough to sew the quilts conveniently. You can classify this machine as either mid-arm or as a long-arm.

With a sewing speed of 1800 SPM, you can sew at a high speed that allows you to complete more projects in less time. This modern machine comes with an OLED screen that displays a simple-to-follow menu.

The bobbin winding task does not require you to stop sewing as it comes with a separate motor that can wind the bobbin without disturbing the machine’s function. Meaning you can also wind the bobbin without the need for running the machine.

The LED lights illuminate the work area for better visibility, and it is especially important in quilting as the stitches sewn on top require precise and neat finishing. You get 4 different modes of sewing that ensure the flexibility you require while quilting to produce extraordinary results.

This machine comes with controls on handles, making it highly convenient and quickly accessible, resulting in time-saving. The large M class bobbin is appreciated by most quilters. You get a stitch regulator and similar other conveniences here.

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Brother Dream Quilter 15X Mid-Arm Quilting Machine

Brother Dream Quilter 15X Mid-Arm Quilting Machine

With a 15” long throat, this affordable mid-arm sewing machine features an ample vertical space that allows you to create large quilts, including king-sized ones, comfortably. The Brother’s Dream Quilter a versatile machine as it is capable of freestyle quilting along with patterned quilting.

You get a computerization option that facilitates you to upload a design for working on it. This machine sewing speed is adjustable from 90 to 1800 SPM, giving you high flexibility to adapt it to your requirement.

The handles are customized with control buttons that provide quick access to operate the machine. You can adjust the stitch options using a regulator present on the machine. It comes with a dual thread holder.

The 5-inch touchscreen and a laser stylus are top-notch technologies offered with this machine. You get Large M-class bobbins with this sewing machine. The 10 various-sized quilting needles and the freestyle quilting foot offer you plenty of options to display your creativity.

The best thing about this machine is it comes with an over-speed warning that keeps you informed when your speed is out of range. Also, the provision to choose from 4 to 16 stitches per inch is outstanding as it gives you extreme working flexibility.

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Juki TL-2010Q

This professional quilting machine comes with an aluminum die highly durable cast design. It also makes the machine capable of withstanding the weight of the heavy fabrics and staying steady even when the quilt is dragging it down.

The automatic thread trimmer, sub tension system, predetermined needle stop position, foot-controlled trimming, slider to vary the speed, tension setting fine-tuning, automatic threading, and lever to control speed are the important features of Juki TL-2010Q.

Its extra-large working area gives you enough space to work with large quilts. As the computerized parts are kept to a minimum in this machine, you need not worry about being technical or the sensitive electronics breaking down quickly.

You need to sideload the bobbin. The knee lift helps you lift the presser foot without using your hands to keep your hands on the fabric and process the sewing quickly. Also, it comes with presser foot adjustability where you can lift it to 12 mm max.

The speed range available with Juki TL-2010Q is 200 to 1500 SPM. It comes with 3 presser feet, 2 screwdrivers, an extension table, needles, a lint brush, a spool cap, 4 bobbins, and a dust cap. Above all, it is capable of giving you amazing stitch quality that is unmatched by its counterparts.

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Juki TL-2200QVP

The Juki TL-2200QVP comes with the right balance of traditional and modern technologies, making it favorable for those who have difficulty leaving behind their old machines to adapt to advanced machines.

It offers excellent control and high efficiency, synonymous with Juki as they only use tried and tested methods to give supreme quality and durability. An LCD screen, auxiliary handwheel, and an automatic thread trimmer represent the mix of various eras present in this machine.

The 2200 SPM is capable of high-speed sewing, and the double capacity bobbins of M-style offer enough thread to keep up your speed. You get a power cord, cleaning brush, small screwdriver, needles, spool cap along with this machine.

This machine is equipped with an 18” long arm and 10” height giving you ample space and allow you to extend it even more if required. The 34” x 35” extendibility of the stand is efficient in handling larger projects with ease.

Foot-controlled thread trimmer and LED light add convenience. LCD controls allow you to choose the needle position, adjust the screen brightness, control the foot pedal, adjust the speed, and program the settings. The adjustable table allows it to be used as a stand-up or sit-down sewing machine.

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Mid-Arm Quilting Machine vs. Long-Arm Quilting Machine

Though both mid-arm and long-arm machines are meant for quilting, they differ in many aspects, as below.

  • Long-arm machines have extensive body whereas a mid-arm machine comes with a medium-sized body that is not as big as a long-arm that requires almost an entire room.
  • You can sew larger blocks and patterns using a long-arm machine compared to the mid-arm machine capable of sewing shorter patterns.
  • The long-arm machine is suitable for garment factory type of works and industrial level of sewing purposes, but mid-arm is capable of only half of what a long-arm can do.
  • As mid-arm machines do not take up large space as long-arm, they are suitable for domestic purposes.
  • Setting up a mid-arm machine is easier than the long-arm machine due to its complex body.
  • A long-arm machine has a steep learning curve and requires supervision from a professional, whereas a mid-arm does not require any supervision.
  • The needle operation is completely different in both machines.
  • Long-arm is suitable for advanced quilters, whereas mid-arm is for beginners.
  • The mid-arm machine allows you to sew other projects also apart from quilting, whereas long-arm makes it difficult to work on other than quilting.
  • Mid-arm is upgraded with extension tables if required, but long-arm machines come with fixed tables that do not allow much flexibility.

Benefits of Using a Mid-Arm Quilting Machine

Check out the benefits a mid-arm machine can provide you and decide if this is what you were looking for.


The extra throat space, when compared to standard sewing machines, gives a very comfortable experience to the user as they sew happily without the need to keep on adjusting the quilt. Also, freestyle quilters find it spacious enough to produce their designs seamlessly.

This machine has arm placement towards you giving you ample space on all sides. You get a lot of free space that can hold your project effortlessly.


You can sit and sew your quilt comfortably for hours together, unlike long-arm that requires standing and get uncomfortable quickly. Similarly, the bobbin’s placement under the table allows you to replace them without the need to move your project.

Quilting is a large process, and when you need to move it from the sewing point, it will be annoying and time taking to rearrange everything. However, this positioning gives you the advantage of keeping your quilt in place even while you change the bobbins.

Stitch Regulator

Though this is not found on all models, it is found in most mid-arm machines and is highly useful for freestyle quilting as it gives even stitches. When you can set the machine to the speed, you can work comfortably, and then the result comes out with excellent quality.


it is engineered by putting in all the relevant aspects from a domestic sewing machine and a long-arm machine to make a mid-arm sewing machine. So, you get the functionality of a long-arm that allows you to quilt easily and the working design of a standard sewing machine that does not require much learning to operate.

Large Bobbins

The large capacity bobbins allow you to sew continuously without the need to wind a bobbin frequently. This reduces the interruptions and increases your focus on the project.

The Verdict: Which Is the Best Mid Arm Sewing Machine?

If you are using a standard sewing machine and find it insufficient for your quilting needs, then it is time to upgrade to mid-arm sewing machines. Juki TL-2010Q would be the best choice as this machine can increase your productivity and allows you to work on your quilting project quicker and more comfortably.

As you can easily fit it into the workroom, you need not worry about providing a special room for this purpose. Moreover, it is cheaper than a long-arm machine and occupies less space, along with providing all the functionalities of a long-arm machine.

It is apt for professional home quilters or serious hobbyists, and you will be amazed at how powerful these machines are and how smoothly they function. If you are aiming to become a better quilter, then the Juki TL-2010Q mid-arm machines are what you should look into for steady progress in your quilting journey.

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