Juki MO-1200QVP Serger Machine Review

The Juki MO-1200QVP  is both a powerful and easy-to-use serger machine for beginners and professionals. You can complete tasks such as narrow seams or decorative rolled edges in a very short time with a maximum speed of 1500 stitches per minute.

Although most serger machines come with a steep learning curve, this machine is straightforward to use.

The Juki MO-1200QVP serger comes with an air threading feature that will help you thread your cotton and regular polyester easily and quickly. With this feature, you can change the threads in the upper and lower looper of sergers effortlessly.

Simply place the upper and lower looper strings in the small holes, and then a blast of air from a motor will bring them to your needle plate. Then you don’t need to be anxious or frustrated about changing threads.

This machine can cut perfectly and beautifully balanced stitches, thanks to its looper and straight threads that can feed at the edge of the fabric.

This serger machine is affordable and can be used to handle knit and stretchy fabric. You can stitch all types of fabrics, including silk, fleece, cotton, and silk, with the adjustable tension and the 2-, 3-, or 4-thread options.

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What We Like About

  • The serger works amazingly smoothly and quietly. It can produce professional-quality stitches even at the top speed.
  • Juki MO-1200QVP serger’s work area is larger, which allows you to work on large and heavy projects.
  • Although most serger machines come with a steep learning curve, this machine is straightforward to use.
  • This machine can change the length of stitches based on what type of project you are working on. To set the stitch length, turn the dial to your desired length.
  • Although LED lights typically provide a type of light that is comparable to other types of lighting, they do not continue to generate heat for an extended period.

What We Don’t Like

  • The machine has a LED light, but it is dimmer than the other machines in this range.

Features of Juki MO-1200QVP

Automatic Threader

Juki MO-1200QVP also has an auto-threader feature that was not often seen on other well-known, high-end sewing machine brands like Brother, Singer, and Janome. This feature allows you to thread the machine quickly, and it worked flawlessly.

Large LCD Screen

A great feature in this serger is the LCD screen, which displays information such as tension, stitch length, and differential feed settings. You can simply look at the screen and see clear instructions to make different stitches. All settings are displayed on the LCD screen, and you just need to press the button and choose a stitch.

A LED light is included with the serger to brighten up the sewing area. It is eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and won’t heat up even after prolonged use.

Presser Foot Lifter

Juki’s serger features a two-step presser foot lifter and integrated front foot lift. The presser foot lever is located at the rear of the machine. To make sure there is more room between the stitch plate and presser foot, you can raise it to the maximum height to sew thicker fabrics. The tensions are released when the presser foot raises, making it easier to thread your machine.

Clear marks are made on the presser feet to help you place the fabric under them. This Juki machine has marks for the knife position, indicating the point at which the fabric will be cut.

Cutting Width Control

Another highlight of Juki MO-1200QVP is that you can control the cutting width. The width of the seam is determined by the position of the lower blade. You can reduce the width of the seam if fine fabric edges curl up during sewing. If the loops appear too loose, it would be better to increase the cutting width. The cutting width control has five settings:

  • 1 = 3-5mm seam width
  • 2 = 4-6mm seam width
  • 3 = 5-7mm seam width
  • 4 = 6-8mm seam width
  • 5 = 7-9mm seam width

Differential Feed

Two feed dogs are available – one for the front and one for the rear. You can adjust the distance that each dog moves in one movement. The differential feed stops fluting and waving in knits and stretchy fabrics and movements between layers of fabric. It prevents puckering in smooth fabrics such as nylon and closely woven fabrics.

Simply turn the dial to adjust the differential feed in the desired direction. You can adjust the differential feed while sewing. The differential feed allows you to gather one layer of fabric before sewing it to the garment.

Thread Trimming Blade

The thread trimming blade is another feature that sets this Juki MO-1200QVP apart from other sergers. It allows for quick thread cutting, which is helpful when you need to remove the fabric from the presser foot after sewing.

Waste Collector Container

A Waste Collector container is used to catch the cut fabric and keep the work area clean. Both the lower and upper knives have the strongest cutting power, even for thick fabrics. And you can deactivate your upper knife to sew without having to cut the fabric.

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