Juki HZL-G220 Sewing Machine Review

The Juki of the HZL-G220 model is a computerized sewing machine capable of handling both quilting and sewing projects equally well. This complete sewing machine has full-fledged features backed up with excellent technology, yet it is simple enough to use for non-technical users.

For those who are new to needlework or those looking for an affordable, high-quality sewing machine, this would be perfect as it includes everything one needs in order to start off on their own creative journey – from hemming pants all the way through creating elaborate garments!

It comes equipped with 180 built-in stitches that will take care of any project imaginable! The list also includes 8 buttonhole choices that can easily be used by beginners without having to worry about affecting stitch quality.

Its intuitive design is easy to follow and helps users of all stages to get the hang of the process without much of a learning curve. This review helps you understand all the amazing features it offers and how having them in a sewing machine is efficient for your sewing process.

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What We Like About Juki HZL-G220

This well-built, sturdy workhorse has several appreciable qualities that make this sewing machine highly likable. It is versatile, easy to use with several kinds of fabrics without pulling or shrinking, of high quality, and similar advantages. Let us check what they are.

  • The outstanding box feed system of this industrial machine is reliable for producing perfectly finished clothes as it keeps the size of the fabric and shape intact while sewing.
  • Its automatic needle threader does not strain your eyes and finishes the job in a jiffy.
  • Similarly, the thread trimmer facility saves you time and allows you to complete the job quickly.
  • Since the machine is heavy-duty, you can sew many fabrics on this sewing machine ranging from thin to thick materials.
  • Sewing quilts that have multiple layers of fabric is a piece of cake using this machine.
  • Well-designed presser foot gives you enhanced functionality, which gives you excellent results when coupled with the powerful feed dog system.
  • The 8 buttonhole choices allow you to select precisely appropriate for the button size you are using.
  • Preparing the bobbin is an easy process using the guide provided, and you need not pull the thread up.
  • The wide underarm space is convenient for quilting projects as well as other large projects.
  • You get a sewing speed of 900 SPM, which is speed enough for most users.
  • The maximum stitch length of 5 mm allows you to vary it as required.
  • Free quilting motion is possible as you can drop the feed dogs using the drop feed function, allowing you to get creative as you move freely in any direction you wish.
  • Plenty of accessories such as bobbins, spool caps, presser feet, needled, and so on are included with this sewing machine to get you started.
  • A hard case protects your machine from collecting dust when not in use. Dust can damage the inner components of a sewing machine, and keeping it dust-free will ensure that it will work without any trouble.

What We Don’t Like

Its expensive price tag is something not digestible by everyone. Though it is not completely an undesirable point, as you get what you pay for, and it lasts for years to come. However, investing so much at-a-time might not be their cup of tea for some users.

Features of Juki HZL-G220 Sewing Machine

Box Feed System

Usually, standard sewing machines come with an oval feed system which is a cause for a slight shift in the fabric while it is moved to cause it to get altered. However, the box feed system does not pull on fabric as you sew.

It just moves the fabric as it is and without any stress that can lead to shift or shrinkage. This feature allows you to produce professional-quality results with a wide range of fabrics, including denim kinds of thick ones.

Automatic needle threader

Threading a needle requires a special skill that demands sharp eyesight and quick action to grab that thread that slips if you are not swift enough. Forget all these troubles and enjoy the automatic needle threading option you get with the HZL-G220 model.

It not only saves your time but also helps you to focus on your project without any disturbances. You can get the work done just by the push of a button.

Thread Trimmer

Similarly, the thread trimmer also makes your sewing process easier as you need not grab a pair of scissors to get the upper and lower threads trimmed. It is done then and there without the need for any extra accessories, and you can go on uninterrupted.

Stitch Patterns

With this sewing machine, you get 180 stitch pattern choices to choose from. Among them, 22 are practical patterns, 10 for decorating quilts, 8 buttonholes related, 40 decorative patterns, and 1 alphabet.

This alphabet set can embroider lower and upper case letters, numbers, European characters, and even punctuation. The machine’s top panel displays all the stitch patterns on a chart for easy reference.

Smart Functions

HZL-G220 by Juki comes with all the necessary smart functions that should be present in a mid-range sewing machine. For instance, both the upper and lower threads are trimmed at the same instance using such functions.

Even the automatic needle threading function mentioned earlier also falls under this category. It is a time saver since sewing several hundreds of projects means you need to thread your needle thousands of times, and if done manually, it’s a whole lot of time.

Similarly, the lock stitching, which reinforces the edges using the reverse button, is also a smart feature that accomplishes the job with a button press.

For conventional machines, it would be pushing the reverse stitch lever stitching and again putting it up going forward, and you might also need to adjust the fabric in between by lifting the presser foot. However, here you just need to push the button and get all these steps done in a go.

Foot pedal

You get a foot pedal for starting or stopping the sewing. It is included as an extra convenience as there is a button to start and stop sewing, which stays on till you stop it, so you need not keep pressing on the pedal and focus on the fabric.

Front Control Panel

The front control panel is intuitive and easy to use as the user can simply follow through without much assistance as it seems familiar with its simple arrangement. The LCD shows the type of stitch and the width you are using as well as the length.

It has buttons around the screen to adjust these values along with changing the stitch pattern.

LED Light

Sewing machine users will appreciate this feature the most as they know the woes of getting proper lighting. No matter how illuminated the room is, you still get the shadow of the arm or your own hand which handles fabric, and you will find it impossible to avoid it.

Especially the perfectly matching thread gives drives you bonkers when you don’t have enough light. When you have a bright LED light in this sewing machine, all such issues are gone. You can happily sew and see clearly what you are sewing.


You get 6 presser feet, namely zipper foot, manual buttonhole foot, auto buttonhole foot, standard foot, overcasting foot, and blind hem foot. The twin needle, seam ripper, 3 x needles, 4 x bobbins, small spool cap, large spool cap, foot control, and the hard case is provided with this machine.

Apart from the accessories provided, you can purchase a variety of accessories separately as optional.

Final Word: Is Juki HZL-G220 Sewing Machine Worth Buying?

There are plenty of good things you can go on appreciating about this sewing machine. Altogether this is one of the dream machines, which even a well-versed seamstress would like to own.

This high-quality sewing machine allows you to work on thousands of projects without any trouble. Considering this possibility, we can say that your investment will be well worth which you will never regret.

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