Juki HZL-F400 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

The Juki HZL-F400 is a computerized sewing machine for home use for almost any project you need to improvise your home or make few gifts for your loved ones. Its quilting capability gives you a wider scope of its utility.

Even heavyweight materials are sewn with ease due to their strong quality and superior stitching capability. It is ideal for lightweight materials, allowing you to create wonderful curtains for dresses using sheer fabric material.

Nearly 75 years of experience of Juki company does reflect in the high-quality, user-friendly products they make. Their reputation of innovative technology-based, uniquely easy-to-use machines has always been on the wish list of most dressmakers.

Working on denim, leather, or canvas to organza or satin is possible using this Juki HZL-F400 sewing machine. You have plenty of stitches, enough speed, and versatility in Juki HZL-F400. With Juki’s high quality and excellent functionality, and advanced features, you will find this machine fascinating.

It will serve any need for your home sewing projects and gives a perfect finish similar to professional quality. This computerized sewing machine means you are all geared up for your upcoming sewing projects with the right equipment.

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What I Like About

Listed here are a few of the most liked features and uses of the Juki HZL-F400 sewing machine. As you use it, you will get to know it more and have many more things to say how much you appreciate it.

  • It comes with an advanced feeding technology that takes care of the smooth gliding of fabric irrespective of the cloth type.
  • The free motion quilting does not restrict your creativity with quilting and gives you complete freedom to quilt as you plan.
  • The portable weight of this sewing machine comes in handy when you need it for sewing classes.
  • Advanced features will keep up with your learning, and even after you become a pro seamstress, you still have something to try.
  • You need not put much effort into setting it as it is easy and start sewing in no time.
  • The knee lifter lifts the presser foot and keeps your hands free, allowing you to handle fabric conveniently while you turn it.
  • You get it at a reasonable price range with versatile functioning.
  • This machine works for both stitching and quilting.
  • The automatic thread cutter is another comfort-oriented feature that saves you time.
  • It can also stitch using invisible thread and provides high-quality output.

What I Don’t Like

  • This Juki HZL-F400 is quite heavy, so it is not portable
  • The bobbin winder might run too fast for some people

Who Is Juki HZL F400 For?

The Juki HZL-F400 sewing machine is ideal for both beginner quilters and professional quilters alike and sewing and many other things.  You can sew items such as curtains, pillow covers, ornamental embroidery pieces, and so on to decorate your home.

If you are planning to stitch your own dresses or clothes for your kids, then this machine is useful for that purpose also. Apart from traditional stitching, you can also sew fancy dresses or gift items such as knitwear for babies and even embellish them with beautiful designs.

All in all, this machine is perfect for those who are sewing enthusiasts and wish for a machine that can accomplish most of their tasks conveniently, including zipper and buttonhole.

Stitch Options

This sewing machine comes with 157 stitches, including quilting stitches, decorative stitches, practical stitches, 3 letters font, 16 buttonholes, and much more. All these stitches are depicted under the top cover for easy reference.

These stitch patterns come numbered for making it easier when choosing them on LCD. You can find the recommendation of the appropriate foot for your selected stitch. With a maximum stitch length of 5mm, you also get the facility to adjust it.

The reverse stitch button comes in handy for reinforcing the edge at the beginning and the end for securing your fabric. It is placed in the front of the machine and operates with just one press. Using this machine, you can sew at a speed of 900 SPM.


Check out the amazing features of F400 below:

Threading and Bobbin

The threading guide allows you to thread the machine easily. When winding the bobbin, it stops automatically when it is full. You need not remove the thread for winding the bobbin and top load it using drop in the system once you are done winding it.

Free Arm

The free arm facility makes it convenient to sew all around a garment’s parts, such as sleeves, cuffs, or pants, without crowding up the fabric as you sew and gives you a nice finish.


A matching thread or a dark-colored fabric requires extra visibility as the stitches blend into the fabric and make it impossible to see where you stopped or where you are going. A bright LED light that illuminates the work area is always treasured by dressmakers.

Pressor feet

The 8 presser feet, i.e., automatic buttonhole foot, Blind hem foot, manual buttonhole foot, overcasting foot, patchwork foot, standard presser foot, walking foot, and a zipper foot, are provided with this sewing machine.

These snap-on presser feet have lettering on them for identifying them to use with the code displayed on LCD. Adjustable pressure of presser foot, knee-lift to raise them to give more versatility and convenience while working on a project.

Feed Dogs

The box feed gives perfect seams on all kinds of fabrics. You can also adjust the feed dogs by accessing the drop feed button when you remove the accessory box.


Accessories such as seam ripper, auxiliary spool pin, 3 spool caps of different sizes, quilt guide, 4 bobbins, 8 presser feet, screwdriver, instruction manual, twin needles, hard case, knee lifter lever, power cord, and foot controller are available along with the sewing machine.

Control Buttons

You get several control buttons that make your sewing process easier. They are start/stop, reverse stitch, speed controller, thread trimmer, and needle up/down buttons. Also, presser foot pressure dial, drop feed knob, and thread tension dial is present.

Similarly, you get some operating buttons below LCD, foot-controlled thread trimming facilities. You can access an on-board sewing guide when required and combine decorative stitches and store up to 70 new patterns with the computer.


You get 5 years warranty for mechanical defects and 2 years for electrical defects along with 90 days for workmanship or material.

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