Juki HZL-F300 Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

The Juki HZL-F300 is a perfect blend of functionality and value for the cost. Many users prefer this sewing machine as it can handle tougher projects but come at an amicable cost compared to other machines that can perform similar tasks.

Another best thing about this machine is that it has everything you most need yet keeps the operation simple. You get to perform all the essential jobs without the need to use or learn every other rarely used feature, which is generally the case with many computerized sewing machines.

It comes with an LCD designed with intuitive choice options, a simple threading mechanism, 106 stitch patterns, and several useful accessories that help you start sewing immediately.

The elegantly designed Juki HZL-F300 suits every modern home décor or workspace. Its white exterior enhances the look of the sewing machine. You get an aesthetic-looking control panel that saves you from the boring designs normally found on sewing machines.

Since most of the inner parts are made of metal, you get high durability. The needle plate and needles come with a high-quality make. This computerized sewing machine’s dimensions are 17.5”x 11.5”x 8.25,” and it weighs 21.6 lbs.

Along with 106 stitch patterns, you get a top speed of 900 SPM that makes it a reliable sewing machine with enough speed for quickly completing a project. Similarly, a few time-saving features such as top-loading drop-in bobbin help you move faster with your job on hand.

The five-year warranty for mechanical issues offered by Juki on their sewing machines is appreciable. Also, a two-year warranty on electrical issues and 90 days on workmanship is amazing.

As a domestic machine, it can help you perform several jobs but not professional-level ones. Dense materials or multiple layers of fabric can cause the needle to break and even lag in motor power. You might not find the experience as smooth as you find it with medium to lightweight fabrics.

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What We Like About

  • Easy bobbin winding process and the threading mechanism aided with automatic needle threader makes your job effortless.
  • LCD provides an overview of your current settings, and the easy-to-use buttons help you choose or to key in your desired options.
  • Raising and lowering the presser foot is a breeze making it quick and easy for you to place your fabric under the foot pedal for feeding it to start sewing.
  • The 106 stitch options to choose from offers you a wide range of selections to work with, and the 16 varieties of buttonholes are handy for every size of buttonhole you want to make.
  • It is a versatile domestic computerized sewing machine capable of performing advanced tasks such as embellishing your projects with decorative stitches, quilting, hemming, and so on.
  • The various presser feet and other essential accessories are provided with this sewing machine to make your sewing experience convenient.

What We Don’t Like

  • Sewing heavy fabrics such as canvas, wool, tweed, or thick denim, to name a few, is a little tricky while using this machine.
  • Though it supports quilting, you might want to avoid certain fabrics for quilting on this machine.

Features of Juki HZL-F300

106 Built-in Stitches

There are 106 stitches to experiment with, and they cover all the vastly utilized stitch patterns useful for daily stitching.

You can perform zig-zag, hemming, overlock, decorative stitches, and utility stitches using this machine, along with straight stitching. You get to enjoy three various kinds of lettering fonts and 16 buttonhole stitches with Juki HZL-F300.

Be it quilting kind of elaborate projects or hemming kind of simple projects, and you are equipped with the right sewing machine when you have this Juki model at your home.


The drop-in bobbin facility makes it easy to insert the bobbin and start with your stitching as the needle thread immediately pulls the bobbin thread. It is convenient since the bobbin drop compartment is easily visible to insert the bobbin without any trouble.

You get to check the bobbin thread for refill easily, and it is jam-free due to its placement. But still, if you have any jamming issues once in a while, it is easier to check and fix them. As the bobbin compartment lies right next to the needle plate, you get easy access to it.

The independent bobbin winder offers great flexibility and saves you a lot of time when you need many bobbins for processes such as quilting.

Thread Trimming

The thread trimmer allows you to cut the thread with just a press of the foot pedal on the heel side. Also, another specific button is provided on the front body of the sewing machine for those who prefer to operate with hands.

This machine has a unique feature for thread trimmer that allows you to even program thread trimming into the sewing process, making it very useful for advanced users.

Automatic Needle Threader

Needle threader adds convenience to your stitching experience by putting the thread into the needle effortlessly. It does the job in less time and with little to no effort than it takes to manually do it.

The process is simple and effective as you only need to operate the built-in thread cutter, and then the presser foot should be in the lowered position when you do this. Then operate the threading lever by pulling it down and then releasing it.

There you are. Before you realize what happened, the thread is in the needle. You just need to grab the end of the thread that already went through the needle and pull it a bit longer to start sewing.

The difference between the automatic threader of this sewing machine and the others is the simplicity of the process. It saves you a lot of hassle, especially when working on a project that requires frequent thread changing.

LCD Display

The LCD screen allows you to view stitch-related information such as length and width, current pattern, and many other options. You can also view the changes you are trying to make to achieve the required settings suitable for your project.

The buttons around the LCD screen allow you to change these parameters as you need. As you have a clear view of what pattern you are selecting and with how much width and length you will find it easy to customize the stitch-related parameters.

Box Feed Technology

The box feed technology protects the fabric from losing its shape through shifting or shrinking and offers consistently even feed. When compared to the oval-shaped feed on other machines, it gives excellent finishing to the stitch as the fabric moves through in a controlled manner.

Button Holes

The 16 buttonhole options make it easy to customize the buttonhole to your choice of button size. You get to create industrial-strength buttonholes with length and width adjustability. Their accuracy is maintained using electronic sensors, giving you absolutely precise output.

Powerful Feeder

The well-made steel feed dog is capable of feeding heavy fabrics or multiple layers of fabric with ease. Though exceptionally heavy or too many layers are not well handled by this machine, it does offer decent support for midweight types of denim normally used these days.


The memory capacity of this programmable sewing machine allows you to save new patterns of your choice to use them repeatedly when you need them. It provides 10 different folders to save as many as 70 different stitches. You can do so by combining the existing stitches and then save them for future use.


The drop feed feature allows you to create beautiful designs using free-hand motion. The needle up/down positioning is handy for various jobs. The programmatically built-in sewing guide, 8 language setting selectability, LCD brightness modifiability, and volume adjustment are few other mention-worthy features.


This Juki machine is accompanied by several accessories such as a needle set, foot controller, hard case, 4 bobbins, cleaning brush, power cord, seam ripper, small, medium, large spool caps, and T-shape screwdriver.

The presser feet include standard presser foot, zipper presser foot, blind stitch presser foot, buttonhole presser foot, manual buttonhole presser foot, and overcasting presser foot.

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