Juki DNU-1541 Walking Foot Sewing Machine Review

Juki is well-known for its sewing machines. And the Juki DNU1541 is a strong, powerful industrial-grade walking foot machine in Juki’s lineup. You can use this machine for heavy-duty fabric like denim, leather, canvas, etc.

This Juki DNU-1541 sewing machine is incredibly easy to use and operate. You can easily adjust the speed of the machine for different fabrics and sewing techniques as it has an excellent speed control that works great for working with layers of thick material too! With time and practice, you will soon be able to adapt to the machine and master its speed.

The Juki DNU-1541 sewing machine can sew through all types of materials and is one of the best choices for sewing through leather. To help your machine move more smoothly, place a piece of tape on the bottom of your foot. And this will help you remove leather from the presser foot or throat plate easily. You can also adjust the length of the stitch to make it a bit longer for better results.

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What We Like About

  • This Juki machine will take care of all the oiling for you if you don’t want to do that. It has a self-lubricating system that ensures your machine stays oiled regularly.
  • The Juki is an industrial-grade sewing machine that can sew light and heavy materials, even if they are coated or laminated.
  • This machine is built to last, with a durable structure and a quiet motor that will help you work regardless of whether you are working early or late at night.
  • The machine comes completely assembled.

What We Don’t Like

  • You might be nervous about the price of this machine, but you will get exactly what you pay when you purchase it. You might consider another machine if you aren’t a sewer professional or don’t need something quite as powerful as this.
  • This machine lubricates itself so that everything works well, but you might end up with more oil.
  • You may have difficulty understanding the parts when you first receive them. Although the instruction manual is extremely detailed and easy to follow, it can take some time.


Fast Sewing Speed

The Juki DNU1541 is a fast sewing machine, which makes it ideal for advanced sewists. You will be amazed at the top speed of 2500 stitches per minute, which makes it a great tool for finishing large projects quickly.

You can adjust the stitch length to your liking (9 mm max).

This machine is more than just a solid choice, given all of the amazing features it offers. Although the Juki DN1541 may not be the most beautiful machine, it has an industrial look and is still an excellent choice for bulk sewing.


This machine is a great choice if you work with multiple and heavy materials. The ratio between presser foot to walking foot remains the same regardless of how thick the fabric becomes. The large bobbin will allow you to make large items such as bags and upholstery.


This Juki has some adjustability with the feet lift, which makes this Juki DNU-1541 sewing machine stand out as you can’t adjust the feet lift on most higher-end sewing machines. The feet lift allows you to have more control over how you sew.

Adjustable Sewing Speed

The motor’s speed can be adjusted. Although you may feel intimidated by the fast stitching speed, you can adjust the speed according to your level of skill and control. And working at a slower speed, you will also save energy.

The Juki DNU-1541 can be a sewing machine that grows with you. You’ll soon be able to sew faster if you learn how to improve your skills.

Professional Sewing

Professional sewers will love the super-fast speed of this machine. The machine can be sewn much faster than other options, and the reverse feed system will allow you to work like a professional.

The feed system works automatically, so it is much easier to correct any mistakes or secure seams for a difficult project.

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