Best Janome Sewing Machine

Janome brand sewing machines are the trendsetters and pioneers in household sewing machines. This company is the world’s largest producer of domestic sewing machines. They also produce computerized sewing machines and are located in Tokyo, Japan.

Its Memory Craft 15000 model is the most sophisticated home machine and precedes every other domestic sewing machine in its technology or functionality. This sewing machine depicts the capability of Janome as a manufacturer of home sewing machines.

Their mission is to produce simple to use sewing machines that are innovative and inspire creativity. Since they emphasize the user rather than the sewing machine, they have a user-friendly approach to their designs.

They achieve their motto by providing you with best-in-class tools that can support your imagination by helping you act on your creativity, making your journey smooth through various provisions, and leading you to invent your new talents by making things easier.

Janome makes it a point to highly value their employee’s ideas and thus create an internal atmosphere where they feel supported. They accept the contributions and view them as a critical part of the success of their company.

With a Janome sewing machine, you can sew the seams of a leather project together with a perfect stitch every time. Janome sewing machines come with many advanced features, allowing you to create various sewing projects ranging from clothing to handbags and luggage.

With the presser foot raised, use your Janome sewing machine to sew straight seams together, following lines marked on the leather with chalk, fabric pencil, or tailor’s chalk.

Best Janome Sewing Machine

ImageModelOur RatingStitch CountStitches Per MinutePricing
Janome HD 3000 BE9.018860See Best Price
Janome HD10008.614840See Best Price
Janome 8200QCP9.01701000See Best Price
Janome 7318Janome Magnolia 73188.8181100See Best Price
Janome 22068.46860See Best Price
Janome 1600P-QC8.41 (straight stitch)1600See Best Price
Janome MOD-199.019-See Best Price
Janome 8002D9.2-1300See Best Price
Janome 80778.830820See Best Price
Janome MB-4S8.0up to 1,500,000800See Best Price
Janome 2030QDC-B8.630600See Best Price
Janome MC 6300P9.1661000See Best Price
Janome MC66009.51501000See Best Price
Janome 22129.412860See Best Price