Eversewn Sparrow 25 Sewing Machine Review

Are you looking for a combined computerized sewing machine that lets you embroider as well as do the regular sewing tasks in your day-to-day life? Are you looking for a feature-rich computerized sewing machine that doesn’t make a big hole in your pocket? Do you need a futuristic sewing machine that also could let you showcase your embroidery skills?

If you have such kinds of needs and are looking for the best option, the Eversewn Sparrow 25 is the best fit for your needs. This versatile sewing and embroidery machine is an absolute gem that comes with plenty of features for fashion sewing and features to showcase your embroidery passion.

The Eversewn Sparrow 25, like the 30, is a computerized sewing machine that can be used on projects for all levels of skill, from beginner to professional.

This machine is easy to use thanks to its versatile features such as speed control, automatic needle threader, needle up/down, stop/start button, and needle speed control.

The Sparrow 25 sewing machine also comes with 197 stitch options, 6-piece accessory quilting foot, 850 spm fast sewing speed with speed control, drop-in hook system, and a backlit LCD screen for quick stitch selection.

Let’s take a look at other features it offers that make it a value-for-money choice.

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What We Like About

  • An LED sewing light is available to illuminate the work area.
  • The EverSewn model’s stitching quality is comparable to machines of similar price.
  • The Sparrow 25 is versatile and can be used for general sewing, hemming, clothes making and alterations, embroidery, and quilting.
  • Its lightweight and sturdy design make it easy to take with you to classes or workshops.
  • The machine has an accessory drawer that pops out to keep essential sewing tools and bits.
  • You can switch between the various stitches quickly and easily with the LCD display.
  • You can make adjustments to your stitch and select the right one by pressing a few buttons.
  • The automatic threader makes it simple to thread the needle.

What We Don’t Like

  • The machine may be a bit complicated for beginners, but the company website has many tutorials to assist them.
  • You might need to purchase accessories for your quilting projects at an additional cost as they are not included.


A Variety of Stitch Options

There are 197 total stitches available in Eversewn Sparrow 25, including 1 alphabet stitch, 1 eyelet stitch, 14 utility stitches, 2 darning stitches, 58 decorative stitches, and 18 quilting stitches. You can set your stitches to 7mm max in width and 4.5mm max in length to handle an extensive range of fabrics with ease.

The machine’s power and speed can be controlled by sliding speed control for hands-free sewing. An electric foot control can be used to adjust the speed of your machine to your preference.

The maximum sewing speed of Eversewn Sparrow 25 is 850 stitches per minute. If you are working with thicker materials, it is best to start at a slower speed or risk damaging the needle. If you are working with thinner fabrics, you can go faster.

Reverse Lever

Eversewn Sparrow 25 comes with a reverse lever (a part of your sewing machine) that allows you to make stitches backward for strengthening stitches and firmer seams.

Needle Up/Down

You can adjust the needle position to make it stop in either the up or lower position. The needle up/down feature can be very handy when piecing the quilt together as the needle will always stop with the needle up or down so the fabric can be rotated on the needle when changing direction or the needle can always stop up so the fabric can be removed very quickly.

Top Drop-In Bobbin & Automatic Thread Cutter

The drop-in bobbin allows you to easily monitor your thread supply, so you don’t run out of thread in the middle of a seam. It is useful for those who have difficulty seeing clearly. Also, The machine’s side has a thread cutter located above the needle, and the automatic thread cutter will cut the fabric when in need without using scissors.

Seven Foot Options

There are seven feet for the Sparrow 25: a buttonhole foot, a blind stitch foot, a zipper foot, an overlock foot, a button sewing foot, an embroidery foot, and a zigzag foot. These presser feet can be raised to sew multiple layers of fabric.

15 Needle Positions

Its 15 needle positions allow you to use the guides on your presser foot and adjust the position of the sewing machine needle, letting you sew your stitches exactly where you want them. And the twin needles are a great feature, making this Eversewn Sparrow 25 an ideal choice for both embroidery and creating sleeves and hems.

Free Arm

The free-arm sewing option makes it easy to sew tubular areas such as cuffs or hems. This convenient feature is simple to use and can be used with thicker fabrics if the correct adjustments are made.

Other Features

There is a start and stop button, which can be used to set the machine in motion. You will also find reverse buttons and an auto-lock button near the needle up/down.

The ruler located on the left side of the machine can be used to measure fabrics. This handy feature is great for quilting and following complicated projects.

A pull-out stitch overview is located at the bottom of the machine. It shows all stitches in one glance.

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