Brother LX3014 Sewing Machine Review

Brother’s LX3014 is a basic beginner sewing machine but is enough to get you started in sewing. This machine is not designed to be used for lengthy sewing sessions, meaning that it can only do basic mending and other stuff. The Brother LX3014 has 14 built-in stitches, including a 4-step buttonhole, which is a bit of a backward step.

This machine’s easy-to-use threading system will make threading very simple. You can create custom buttonholes in just four steps using some of the available stitch functions. There are 35 stitch functions total on the machine, and it’s easy to switch between these options.

Also, there is a decent-sized lever that you can use to reverse the sewing machine. The work area is illuminated by two LED lights, eliminating any doubts about minor or obscure details. The built-in storage container can be removed to access the free arm. And the built-in handle is designed for easy portability. It is lightweight at 12.1 pounds so that it can be carried easily.

Turning a dial allows you to select the stitch width and length. The maximum stitch width is 5mm, and the maximum stitch length is 4. This machine comes with a limited warranty of 25 years.

The Brother LX3014 machine can be used simply, is easy to set up, and is lightweight, making it an ideal machine for beginners.

This machine makes it easy to reinforce stitches while you sew. It’s as easy as ABC to use the reverse lever to make backstitches. This machine has a built-in free arm that will help you sew cuffs and sleeves. It is simple to adjust the dial to any pattern with its easy-to-understand selection dial. It also features an upper thread tension control dial, as if it were icing on the cake.

This machine can sew through fabrics of almost any thickness or denim (2 layers) and hem. It has a full-sized foot pedal that can be used to control the movement of your feet. A guide for thread loads and the bobbin holder is included with your purchase.

Is Brother LX3014 Sewing Machine Worth Buying?

The Brother LX3014 sewing machine is extremely affordable. It is actually the cheapest Brother machine that I have ever seen. It is easy to see the cost savings by omitting some features.

However, this machine is not recommended for beginners. And if you’re serious about sewing and want more control, I recommend Brother XL2600I. The XL2600I machine is even more advanced and has better features, and is also very affordable. It can be called the King of inexpensive sewing machines.

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