Brother LS2400 Sewing Machine Review

Although the Brother LS2400 might not be the best beginner sewing machine, it has great performance and features. The Brother LS2400 sewing machine is a budget option among the most affordable Brother models.

The machine has two built-in stitches (straight and zigzag stitch) and 20 stitch functions. These are pretty much standard features you’d expect from any other entry-level sewing machine.

Below, I will discuss more of its features and the pros and cons of this machine to help you decide whether it’s right for you or not.

What We Like About Brother LS2400 Sewing Machine

It comes with a dial that allows you to select the stitch and adjust the stitch width/length. The maximum stitch width and maximum length are 5mm, and 4mm, respectively.

The motor of Brother LS2400 is powerful. It can produce 900 stitches per minute, which is quite impressive for a cheap sewing machine.

This machine has 3 different needle positions, and the sewing area is a free arm convertible. This sewing machine is made from durable material and weighs around 15 lbs, which is quite lightweight, meaning that you can take it around without hassle. It also comes with a built-in carry handle that allows you to transport it easily.

What Could Be Better

Some of the essential features that beginners need are missing from it. There is no automatic needle threading that comes with this machine. So you need to thread the machine manually.

Also, to change your bobbin, you’ll need to take out the storage container. This is definitely not something beginners will appreciate.

There are no buttonhole styles (another bummer). So, if you’re looking for a dedicated buttonhole machine, this might not be the best choice.

The LS2400 is perfect for someone who has zero experience with sewing machines but plans on using one in their everyday life from now on. This is because of its easy assembly, simple design, and affordable price point. But despite all those negatives we just mentioned about it, we still recommend this model as an ideal sewing machine for a beginner.

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Is It Worth Buying?

The Brother LS2400 isn’t the most feature-rich machine but is a great choice for performance and price. Brother has better alternatives in this price range. So you can look for them, too.

But if your budget is under $100 and the quality of stitches is your priority, LS2400 will not disappoint you. The lightweight machine comes with some missing features but was designed to be a proficient workhorse that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

For beginners who want to get started right away, the Brother LS2400 may be all you need in a basic machine. You should have enough time for self-teaching because it has no automatic needle threader or buttonhole styles that make sewing quick and easy to start with.

If you don’t mind manual threading or changing bobbins frequently, then Brother LS2400 may suit your needs well.

We believe that XL2600I would be a better choice, and you will get better features with this machine. Brother XL2600I has 25 built-in stitches and an automatic needle threader. It also includes drop-in bobbins, drops feed, a 1-step buttonholer, and many other features. It’s a charming little workhorse. When you strike a balance between price and performance, this is a reasonable choice.

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