Brother Laura Ashley CX155LA Sewing Machine Review

Brother CX155LA sewing machine can tackle any project that you throw at it. There are other Brother sewing machines that you can use for the quilting project, but Brother CX155LA is tailor-made for the job. Brother CX155LA features a wide array of built-in stitches (155 stitches options), making it one of the most versatile machines in its class. With this extensive range of stitches, you will never run out of ideas to create your fashion designs.

Brother CX155LA includes an automatic needle threader that eliminates all chances of using your bare hands to thread the needle, thus saving time and effort. Brother CX155LA comes equipped with a drop feed facility suitable for general sewing operations on any material with no particular sewing problems.

Brother Laura Ashley Limited-Edition CX155LA sewing machines offer quality, versatility, and cost-effectiveness all in a compact machine. This CX155LA sewing machine is quite affordable, despite it being among the most affordable computerized sewing machines within this price range.

The Brother CX155LA is a complete sewing machine package, which contains all the accessories needed for beginners. It is the ideal machine for beginners or hobbyists who don’t have enough space to sew and find themselves having to reorganize frequently.

Thanks to its compact size and lightweight, it can be stored in a closet or cabinet nearby to make it easier to find what you need.

The Brother Laura Ashley CX155LA sewing and quilting machine is clearly designed to offer a wide range of options with interchangeable feet and a variety of stitches.

All in all, it’s a budget-friendly and feature-rich sewing machine that allows users to pursue their most creative and unique crafting ideas.

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What We Like About

  • Brother CX155LA is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable computerized sewing machine.
  • It comes with a fast sewing speed of 850 spm and 155 built-in stitches
  • The Brother CX155LA gives the advantage of being able to use either the LCD screen or the LED frame as a guide for selecting stitches. This feature especially will be useful to people who have limited vision.
  • It comes with a drop-in bobbin that allows you to know when to refill your bobbin before it runs out.
  • The machine has a variety of tools that allow users to work quickly and creatively with custom designs.
  • The machine is extremely easy to use and has many features that will make sewing as simple and painless as possible.
  • The workspace table that comes with this sewing/quilting machine is sturdy enough to hold piles upon piles of thick fabric and can handle any project you throw at it.
  • This Brother CX155LA sewing machine is lightweight and portable, but it doesn’t compromise with the sturdiness.
  • The customer service team is excellent at responding to your questions and concerns efficiently.

What We Don’t Like

  • Many parts are made of plastic, meaning that they won’t be as durable as sewing machines that were made of steel or metal.
  • If you are handling thick and heavy fabrics, you probably have to switch to a heavier-duty needle.
  • Some people have reported that the machine’s lubricant emits an unpleasant odor. Although this is not a problem that is common, it’s something to consider for those with sensitive noses and allergies.


This Brother CX155LA sewing machine can be used to sew and quilt, and it has many features that will enhance your crafting experience.

Drop-In Bobbin System

Brother offers features to make life easier and help beginners get started in sewing. These include an easy needle threading system and a drop-in bobbin system.

The drop-in bobbin allows you to monitor your thread supply easily, so you don’t run out of thread in the middle of a seam. The drop-in bobbin of this sewing machine is stable, jam-resistant, and can be locked in place.

Automatic Threading System

Threading a needle is not something that anyone enjoys. This machine’s advanced automatic threading system makes it easy to rethread the machine by simply touching a lever located on the side.

Stitch Selections

The Brother CX155LA has an incredible 155 stitch options, 55 of which are basic monogramming stitches, 8 of them are auto-sized buttonhole styles. These buttonhole stitches can be used to sew lighter or heavier fabrics, depending on the project.

It also has a stitch diagram that shows all stitches on the front right of the sewing machine, which makes it easy to find the ones you want and then choose the one that suits your needs. You can choose the stitch that you like by number on a backlit digital display.

Adjustable Speed Control

This sewing and quilting machine has a fast sewing speed of 850 spm. You can choose the speed from speed controls on the front or from the included pedal that allows you to do so with your feet. Moreover, you can adjust the tension settings and the needle position to give you complete control of your sewing experience.

The powerful motor of this machine enables you to sew through 12 layers of fabric without slowing down.

Large Workspace

A small work area in a regular sewing machine is not sufficient for quilting. While this CX155LA model features a table that is 33% wider than the normal one in a regular sewing machine, which accommodates larger projects and allows users to sew and quilt more easily.

Decent Lighting

The built-in lighting can also be turned on/off by pressing a button, facilitating users to follow their pattern lines to create the desired garments. Although this may seem like an insignificant feature, those with poor eyesight or who work in dimly lit areas regularly will appreciate the brightly lit area and the backlit LCD screen.


Brother Laura Ashley CX155LA sewing machine comes with a 25-year warranty. You can return the sewing machine to get it fixed under the 25-year warranty if it breaks. Customers can also get in touch with their customer service team by calling the customer service number, which is something that most manufacturers do not offer.

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