Brother 1034D Serger Machine Review

Serging is something that seamstresses, even those with experience, have trouble mastering. A standard sewing machine can produce a beautiful finish, but a serger machine is better for finishing the edges.

Backed by Brother’s reputation and has many useful features, the 1034D serger machine is an ideal choice for beginners and professional sewists to finish their projects on various fabrics, including linens, knits, and cotton.  You can choose from over 20 different stitch options and a 3-4 thread system to suit all your serging needs.

Instructions for setting up and threading the machine are included in the package, so make sure you follow these steps detailedly. And then you will find it’s easy enough to use for beginners and its versatilities. Also, the included tweezers are sufficient to thread most machines on your first attempt.

Each serger comes with differential feed, and Brother 1034D has no differences. It comes with a differential feed with a feed ratio ranges between 0.7 and 2.0, which helps work with thin, knitted, or stretchy fabrics.

The Brother 1034D is a great choice if you are looking for a basic sewing machine that can do exactly what you need. This machine will make serging a breeze for anyone new to the sewing world.

Brother 1034D

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What We Like About

  • Most of the serger machines can be difficult to learn and master, and new sewists may find the machine’s complicated workings confusing. However, the Brother 1034D’s simplicity and instructional video are its greatest assets, which will give you a smoother learning curve, making it an easy-to-thread and easy-to-use serger.
  • The Brother 1034D serger comes with a color-coded threading system that makes it easier to thread the machine for beginners.
  • The Brother 1034D serger provides a wide range of threads. You can create a multitude of professional-quality stitches with the Brother 1034D’s 3-4 threads.
  • The Brother 1034D model is affordable despite its many features and functions.
  • The Brother 1034D serger doesn’t require special needles, and you can use the same needle as a regular sewing machine.
  • You can adjust the stitch length (max. 4mm) and width (max. 7mm) with a flick of a switch, depending on the fabrics and projects you are working on.

What We Don’t Like

  • Rolled hems cannot be sewn on some thicker fabrics.
  • The instructional videos are made in low resolution, so some users have complaints about this.
  • Unlike other sergers, the controls for the 1034D can be found on the left side, meaning that it’s a left-handed machine.


2 Built-in Stitch Functions

The Brother 1034D features a 3-4 thread system, 1 or 2 needles, and variable stitch widths. The Brother 1034D comes with 22 built-in stitches functions, including rolled hem, ribbon lock, narrow, 4-thread overlock, and 3-thread overlock. For bridal wear, formal wear, heirloom tape applications, home decor and crafts, special stitch functions are available.

Differential Feed

The differential feed system allows for superior stitch quality in a variety of materials. This is especially useful for sewing knitted, thin, or stretchy fabric, which prevents the fabric from bunching or stretching.

Fast Stitching Speed

The 1034D is one of the fastest sergers, operating at 1,300 stitches per minute, which allows the user to complete more complex tasks faster and not compromise on quality. And you can produce high-quality stitches thanks to the differential feed with a feed ratio ranging from 0.7 to 2.0.

The best thing about the stitch is that you don’t need to buy specialized needles with the Brother 1034D serger machine because it uses the same sewing needles as your regular sewing machine.

Thread Tension Control

With the thread tension control, the Brother 1034D model allows you to adjust the tension of needles, giving you more control over tightness., allowing you to control how tight or loose each stitch is.

Lay-in Threading Guidelines

The Brother 1034D is easy to thread because you just need to lay the threads in the correct color-coded guide without weaving the threads using tension dials and hooks.

Retractable Knife Blade

The retractable cutting blade can be used to quickly release the knives from a project where the fabric ends are not being trimmed, making it easy to keep the blade out of your way, so it doesn’t interrupt the work.

Bright LED

It is easier to see your workspace with the bright LED light, especially when you are sewing in dark areas or at night.

Adjustable Stitch Width and Removable Arm

To sew curved/tubular items, you can remove portions of the arm. This is useful for sewing necklines, collars, sleeve cuffs, pant leg hems, and more.

Moreover, you can adjust the stitch width of the 1034D between 5mm to 7mm to achieve the perfect edge, whether you are creating spaghetti straps or ruffles or even finishing a quilting project.

You can also serge small items/areas like sleeves with the removable free arm. Although it may seem like an insignificant feature, the free arm is something you will appreciate when you use it for other projects like sewing sleeves or children’s clothes.


The Brother 1034D has built-in storage to store accessories and tools, leaving you a neat and organized sewing area.


This Brother machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty against defective materials and/or workmanship, a 1-year on parts, labor, and any other included accessories, a 5-year warranty on the electronic components, and printed circuit boards.

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