Top 7 Best Intermediate Sewing Machines

Mastering a skill and taking on the next level challenge until you become a guru is the finest method to become proficient at anything.

In this situation, you’re trying to improve your intermediate sewing skills, which implies you’re seeking for additional functions in a sewing machine.

The best intermediate sewing machine can enable you simply shift from novice to expert status while also allowing you to produce stunning designs. Finding the best intermediate machine might be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever face, especially with so many possibilities.

We’ve compiled a list of the best rated intermediate sewing machines to make your decision easier. Automatic needle threader, number of stitches and buttonholes, type, and maximum sewing speed were among the elements we analyzed in our assessment.

These characteristics determine the machine’s efficiency and convenience. A machine with a quick sewing speed and an automated needle threader will speed up the completion of your projects, while one with a large number of stitches and buttonholes will give you more creative flexibility.

Top 7 Best Intermediate Sewing Machines

Singer 9960

As Singer quantum stylist 9960 computerized sewing machine comes with 600 built-in stitches, intermediate users get an array of stitch options to experiment with. It sews at a speed of 850 SPM and offers 13 one-step buttonhole variations to achieve most sizes of buttonholes without any compromise.

The special buttonhole underplate provided with the machine gives you an excellent finish that is par with professional-level sewing. You get an automatic threader that eliminates the need to thread the needle manually saving your precious time and energy.

The 5 alphanumeric fonts are handy for sewing a variety of decorative embroidery. The 13 presser feet support you to sew various stitches. You can enjoy a limited warranty of 25 years that helps you in dealing with any issues that emerge in long run.

Its top drop-in bobbin feature is better than other bobbin systems and is easy to insert and remove bobbin as well as keeps it jam-free. The sleek design, advanced features, solid build, and ease of use are all mention-worthy features of this sewing machine.

Similarly, the features such as LCD, LED light, start/stop button, speed controllability, automatic thread cutter, and so on make your sewing experience not only effortless but also enjoyable. Reverse image features, adjustable stitch width, and length allow easy customization.

Juki HZL-F600

With a top speed of 900 SPM, you can sew your projects within a short period and it is also sufficient enough to keep up with your advancing sewing skills. The 225 built-in stitches give you plenty of useful stitches for doing various jobs.

The 16 buttonhole options offer different sizes to choose from and are useful for any button you want to sew. An automatic needle threader is a time-saving option that comes in handy when you need to put the thread in the needle.

It is a high-tech sewing machine with premium features that help you to do quilting, decorative stitches, and regular sewing tasks equally well. The 4 fonts choice is ample for sewing various designs. Its heavy-duty performance is reliable to handle larger projects.

This sewing machine has an intuitive design that allows even beginners to easily get started and get used to it in no time. It is a piece of cake for intermediate users. Its LCD screen gives the necessary information on the stitch selected and other parameters related to it.

You can enjoy a large enough worktable as the snap-on work surface extends the area further for larger projects. Several customizations such as presser foot, buttonhole size, and so on are possible using this sewing machine. It is a highly versatile and reliable computerized sewing machine.

Brother XR3774

Features such as automatic threader, drop feed, quilting feature, extension table, and so many similar ones make this durable built machine even more appreciable. Its 800 SPM is impressive and helpful in completing projects with speed.

The 37 built-in stitches are ample enough for sewing the most useful patterns and it does not need much technical knowledge to figure out the required stitch. The one-step buttonhole sewing facility makes it easier to sew buttonholes.

You get features such as reverse, foot pedal, top drop-in bobbin, 8 presser feet, free arm, extension table, and many more to help you sew without any difficulty. It is sleek in its design yet durable enough to last long and offers apt value to its price.

The bright LED light illuminates the workspace allowing you to see the arrangement of fabric and stitches clearly leading to precise stitch output. If you are looking for a transition from a beginner to an intermediate user then this sewing machine has a lot to offer for your needs.

Though this sewing machine seems less technically equipped than other sewing machines what makes it attractive is its affordability and it comes with all necessary features. The large worktable and remarkable speed are also a plus for this sewing machine.

Bernette 38

Bernette 38 comes with a unique feature i.e., an automatic tie-off function that gives an excellent finish to your garments. It also has many other advanced features such as memory function, drop-in hook system, automatic threader and thread cutter, adjustable presser foot, and whatnot.

Its maximum speed of 820 SPM is more than enough for intermediate users to keep up with their pace as well as to add more speed when required. This state-of-art computerized sewing machine is equipped with 394 stitch patterns and 8 buttonhole options.

The extension table feature is helpful for quilting and other large projects that require space. This sewing machine despite being loaded with excellent features comes at an amicable price in comparison to its counterparts.

Memory function is handy to retrieve stitches saved to the library in a single go, saving you a lot of time and hassle to assemble the most used stitch patterns. Also, the LED light adds convenience to your job by showing you the workspace clearly no matter how the surrounding lighting is.

The easy-to-use interface, ability to sew any kind of fabric from thick to thin gives it more weightage among dressmakers. It is also capable of sewing stretchy fabrics allowing you to create almost any garment you can dream of.

Janome HD3000BE

Janome sewing machines are known for their user-friendliness and affordability along with high functionality. Even the HD3000BE sewing machine is no different and comes with advanced features useful for both intermediate and advanced users.

It has a notable speed of 860 SPM and comes with 18 built-in stitches. It is especially loved by non-tech savvy people for its simplicity and comes with all required features that do not clutter the working mood with unnecessary settings.

The one-step buttonhole, automatic needle threader, 9 presser feet, reverse lever, removable free arm, five-piece feed dog system, and the quilting accessory kit are all supportive of excellent output for your projects. It is a heavy-duty sewing machine with an aluminum build ensuring durability.

The hardcover and little oiling will make it work like new for a long time. The cover helps in keeping the machine safe from dust or abrasion and the oiling lubricates the machine well for smooth operation that does not corrode parts quickly.

The big control buttons, easy bobbin winding system, automatic thread cutter, transparent bobbin, and accessory storage space add additional worth to it. This machine is capable of handling thick denim fabric to thin organza fabrics without any issues.

Juki TL-2000Qi

Juki TL-2000Qi’s top speed of 1500 SPM is amazing and supportive of your motives when you are an intermediate user or an advanced user. Its sturdy build made of aluminum die-cast is capable of absorbing vibrations when sewing at high speed and gives you a steady experience.

It offers lock stitch, straight stitching, and quilting facilities using a single needle that helps make home décor items, dressmaking, and tailoring. An automatic thread trimming system is useful to save time and energy while clipping the thread when you need to stop.

This trimming as well as the speed of sewing are controlled using one pedal setting for easy operation and to keep your hands free. You get an LED light that keeps the work area bright all the time regardless of other lighting conditions.

As it comes with a semi-industrial long arm and true drop feed feature, users particular about quilting find it adorable. Similarly, the extension table is another such feature appreciated by quilters and large project handlers.

The even feed foot is reliable to handle tricky fabrics such as velvets and georgettes that do not glide easily but show up the stitches clearly. You can get a neat finish with consistent stitches even for these fabrics. Sewing heavyweight materials such as leather are also possible with this sewing machine.

Janome MC6300P

Janome Memory Craft 6300 comes with an independent bobbin winder for easier working with the bobbin. It does not come with all bells and whistles but has ample enough functionality and is suitable for intermediate users who prefer the notion of less is more.

It comes with all mandatory accessories and features but no fluff that takes an extra learning curve and sophisticated operation techniques. Features such as needle up/down, built-in thread cutter, 4 buttonhole stitches, 60+ built-in stitches including few decorative stitches are everything one needs.

The 9” sewing space is big enough for handling large projects or quilting as necessary. Its drop feed feature enables you to do free-motion sewing that is used in quilting for decorative pattern making.

The 5-piece feed dog system gives proper grip and feeds the fabric evenly for consistent stitches. You get an automatic needle threader that takes care of threading the needle without any hassles. The automatic thread tension controller is handy for sewing various fabrics without tension issues.

Changing presser feet is easy as it comes with a snap on function. The automatic thread cutter, lock stitch facility, start/stop button, reverse button, speed control slider, twin needle guard, knee lift, extra-high presser foot lift, adjustable presser foot pressure, and so on are mention-worthy features.