Bernina 560 E Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review

The Bernina 560E sewing, embroidery, and quilting machine is straightforward for beginners but has versatile features to satisfy the more experienced users. This model has additional that makes clothing creation easier and simpler.

The Swiss-made Bernina 560E sewing machine uses a computerized 4th generation electronic system to achieve high-speed stitching (maximum sewing speed: 1000 spm; maximum embroidery speed: 680 spm) with amazing accuracy. The machine offers 676 different stitch patterns. This is essential in allowing you to put your creativity and imagination into the real thing, not just on sketchbooks or notebooks.

This lightweight model weighs only 33 lbs, so that it can be carried around by one person without much effort. Its small dimension allows you to place it in a small space.

The machine’s LCD screen is quite large, and the stitch selection buttons make it much easier for you to work on your preferred design. It also allows you to view the sewing progress on its window, which can be opened or closed any time during use.

This Bernina 560E sewing machine is highly recommended to all craftspeople who have the desire and financial resources for a high-quality machine. This machine is likely to give you all the features you need, whether you are just starting to learn the basics or looking to become an expert.

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What We Like About

  • The Bernina 560E has 676 stitches to choose from, regardless of your primary interest, whether you are looking to embroider, quilt, or sew.
  • In combination with the automated features and fast sewing speed (maximum sewing speed: 1000 spm; maximum embroidery speed: 680 spm), the free-hand presser feet allow you to complete your sewing projects almost instantly.
  • This sewing machine can be used by both beginners or professionals. It is easy to use and has tutorials that are clearly accessible to beginners.
  • The free-arm table allows you to quickly and easily ‘upsize’ your machine, making this machine ideal for quilting and other larger projects that requires a larger workspace.
  • There are bobbins, needles, and presser feet to help you get started easily to don’t need to spend extra more money at the shops.

What We Don’t Like

  • This machine comes equipped with many accessories and features, but this could be a double-edged sword because many of them might be daunting for users. You will need patience and the ability to follow the tutorials and manuals to use this Bernina sewing machine properly.
  • The tutorials are helpful for newbies, but they could be simplified.


A Wide Extensive Range of Stitches

The Bernina 560E has numerous stitch options for sewing, embroidering, or quilting. It arrives with 676 total stitches, 160 of which are embroidery stitches. The maximum stitch width is 9 mm, and the maximum length is 5 mm, which allows you to cover a wide variety of decorative needs.

Touch Screen and Memory Function

This sewing and embroidery machine has various computerized features that can be accessed via a clear, colorful touch screen. The Bernina 560 E includes several tutorials that will show you how to make a new type of project. There are also options for advanced craft people to modify the patterns and make them their own by mirroring, rotating, and sizing on the touchscreen.

You can also save any changes to stitch or embroidery designs easily and permanently by using the memory function. It is also possible to download patterns to a USB drive or an external computer.

Stitch Regulator

The stitch regulator is a patent-pending technology that helps keep your stitches the same length. Even if your material isn’t being fed at the same speed, this presser foot still works. The stitch regulator can be used for free-hand or zig-zag sewing, giving you the same lengths every time, which is a great stress relief for novice and experienced sewers.

Automated Features

Bernina 560E includes an automatic needle threader and an automatic thread cutter that will make your sewing more fun by making small tasks easier.

With the automatic needle threader, you no longer need to strain your eyes to see if that thin thread is going through that tiny eye of the needle. You now have an automatic needle threader at your service. First, you pull down the needle threader. Then you put the thread in the hook and pass it in front of the needle. When you pull back, your needle is threaded. It’s as simple as that.

The automatic thread cutter cuts the thread automatically after locking a stitch, which is a bonus and can save you even more time and effort.

You can also use the free-hand presser foot located near your knee to make sure you don’t have to lift a finger to adjust your sewing speed. This is especially useful when working with delicate fabrics or heavy fabrics that require you to use both your hands.

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