Bernette Funlock 44 Serger Review

Bernette Funlock 44 might be one of the more affordable overlocker/serger sewing machines available in the market today, but it is definitely not a bare-bones basic model that you can find in entry-level ranges.  It features 15 built-in stitch options, a sharp, retractable cutting knife, smooth operation with little vibrations, and solid, precise stitches even at top speed.

Bernette 44 works well with a wide range of common fabrics such as crepe, satin, knits, corduroy, wool, and more, thanks to the differential feed, which controls the movement of the feed dogs under the presser foot. The differential feed ratio ranges from 0.6 mm and 2mm and is useful for preventing the stretching, gathering, and puckering of fabric.

The Bernette Funlock 44 boasts a powerful motor that provides you a fast sewing speed of 1300 spm, and when combined with the variable speed control dial, it’s extremely smooth when in operation. The Bernette B44 enables you to create professional-quality stitches and stunning finishing touches such as rolled hems, making it a great choice for those who enjoy sewing and crafting their own clothes.

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What We Like About

  • Bernette Funlock 44 serger is straightforward to use the easy to thread
  • The LED light is also very bright, so you can clearly see what your project looks like at all times.
  • Fast stitching speed of 1300 spm and 15 built-in stitch options
  • It comes with various excellent features, and the price is reasonable

What We Don’t Like

  • The work area might be a bit small for some people
  • No automatic features are included with this machine


Stitch Options

Coming to the stitch options, the Bernette 44 is an exceptional machine in its class. It has 15 built-in stitch options, and you can adjust the stitch length (1-4 mm) and width (3-7 mm) to create more creative stitches. The Bernette 44 is capable of producing 2-, 4-, and 4-thread wide overlock stitches as well as decorative and rolled hem stitches.

Differential Feed

The differential feed eliminates the stretching of knit fabrics and the puckering of lightweight fabrics, which is essential to create perfect stitches on these kinds of fabrics. The differential feed ratio of the Bernette 44 sewing machine ranges from 0.6 to 2.0.

East-to-Reach Controls

You can adjust the stitch width and length by turning a dial located on the right side. The differential feed control dial, cutting width dial, and presser foot pressure adjustment dial are all on the left.

Handy Waste Bin

The waste bin makes it easier to catch threads or cut edges. You can attach and remove it quickly, making emptying the container easy.

Snap-on Presser Foot

The presser foot of Bernette 44is easily removed and can be used for all types of serging projects. The height adjustment allows it to sew thicker or more delicate fabrics easily by gliding underneath the presser foot without creating puckers.

It also comes with a flat sole foot that keeps one or more layers of fabric in contact with the differential feeder dogs. This ensures tight seams and perfect rolled hems.

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