Bernette 38 Sewing Machine Review

The Bernette 38 is the perfect introductory sewing machine for sewists of all ages and all skill levels. Whether you are looking for the first, second, or third machine to help expand your creative crafty space, this well-made computerized sewing machine is versatile and easy to learn — no prior experience necessary.

It gives you lots of user-friendly features to help you create beautiful heirloom pieces that reflect your personal styles, such as precision speed control, bright LED light, an automatic thread cutter, and a LED screen that isn’t distracting or too complicated and will not clutter up your workspace. This machine also has a modern appearance thanks to its white exterior and stark black underbelly.

Bernette 38 is easy enough for beginners but with features that satisfy even advanced sewists looking for a machine they can use for years — and grow into as their skills improve. You can also store different combinations of patterns in the memory function and retrieve them later.

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What We Like About

  • 820 spm fast sewing speed and an extensive range of stitch options (394).
  • This is a great tool to use when working with quilts or dresses.
  • This sewing machine’s noise is minimal and almost inaudible even at top speed.
  • Bernette 38 has a clear instruction manual and an easy-to-use interface, making it suitable for beginners and those who wish to retrace their beginning steps in sewing.
  • This machine is constructed with high-quality materials that will help your machine last many years.
  • This machine is professional-looking and will look great in any sewers’ workspace.
  • It comes with lots of easy-to-use accessories for versatile sewing

What We Don’t Like

  • The Bernette 38 sewing machine is a decent investment, so you should carefully consider it before buying.
  • You cannot do embroidery with this machine.
  • The machine weighs 20 lbs, and it might not be portable for those who plan on constantly moving around with a machine or bringing it to class.


Stitch Options

This Bernette computerized sewing machine is affordable and offers many functions with 394 stitches, including stretch stitch for elastic fabric, meaning that you can make amazing T-shirts (with jersey fabric). Eight of which are buttonhole styles, 67 decorative stitches, three alphabet stitches are also included. Also, this sewing machine allows you to adjust the speed up to 820 spm and change the speed with the foot pedal easily.

Double Needles Features

Double needles can also be called twin needles and are simply 2 needles joined together with one shank at the top. Twin needle sewing creates two parallel rows of stitching, adding a decorative touch to any project. With the electronic twin needle control, stitches are automatically adjusted for twin needle sewing in a snap.

The “double-needle button” allows you to change between a single and a double-needle, allowing you to adapt your needle to fit the presser feet so that it does not accidentally hit the foot or break off. To ensure that the needle does not hit the presser feet, the “double-needle safety” function restricts the stitch width.

Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure

Bernette 38 allows you to adjust your presser foot pressure for certain materials, especially when working with thin or lightweight fabrics.

Automatic Thread Cutter

With an automatic thread cutter, the sewing machine is doing all the cutting for you without using scissors or any kind of cutting thing. Once you are done with your sewing project, press the button to activate the automatic thread cutter, and your completed work will be pulled from the needle.

Automatic Tie-Off Function

To prevent the seams from unraveling, you need to tie the thread at the end of each seam. You would normally do this by doing a quick forward and backward stitch. The Bernette 38 has an automatic tie-off function that allows you to automatically tie off the seam by using the tie-off button.

Extension Table

The extension table included in the Bernette 38 is simple to attach and remove. It provides more space for larger sewing projects, such as curtains or quilts.

Eight Presser Feet

Bernette 38 comes with eight presser feet as well as a stable presser foot shank. Specific sewing project requires appropriate types of presser foot because this will make you complete your sewing projects quickly with great stitch quality. For instance, you can choose the zigzag foot for zigzag stitches, the relevant satin foot for your satin stitches, and the buttonhole foot for your buttonholes.

Great Manual

Manuals often get too complicated and get lost in details. But the manual that comes with Bernette 38 is much more concise and clear. You will find clear instructions that explain how to set up, use functions, and troubleshoot problems. And this is a huge advantage for anyone new to modern sewing machines.

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