About Us

Sew You Care is the best resource for quilting, sewing, and embroidery if you enjoy creating things by your own hand. Our goal is to save you time and money by providing all information you need about top-quality products in one place.

Our editorial team consists of both novice and expert sewists. They have lots of experience and knowledge and work meticulously and step-by-step to provide the best sewing-related information. Our experts also conduct personal experimentation with the products to determine the final analysis.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We first survey the market and consult experts and then spend the time researching, testing, reviewing the products we choose and reading customer feedback. Then, we combine all this information to identify the features that will be most important in our review.

Finally, we run the numbers through our exclusive algorithm and our experts to determine a score representing the best overall value. So we can write detailed reviews, and you can find the perfect sewing machine for you.

Meet Our Team Members

Bella Sharp

Founder of Sew You Care and Editor-in-Chief

I am Bella, an amateur musician & passionate sewist, and am the founder of Sewyoucare.com. I come from a family of sewing lovers. Especially, my grandmother and mother loved to sew and my favorite part of the day was to watch them sew all day long. That is also how I learned sewing and aced the skill. While my grandmother taught me to use the machine by hand, later, my mother taught me to use a sewing machine. This was my first introduction to the sewing machine.

Since sewing has been my hobby, I love sharing my sewing experiences with one and all. At the same time, I also get to learn so much from all of you. I love sewing, it is a very creative skill, and there are plenty of techniques out there for every step.

My little girls love that I can sew them anything they desire, making me happy from within. Though I’m a seasoned and experienced sewist, there is still a long way to go. There are endless possibilities that you can try with a sewing machine, and I am on the way to learn and simultaneously share my knowledge with people out there.

Amy Sutton


I work for many fashion magazines and sewing magazines, and my goal is to make any piece of fabric look extraordinary. And I exactly do this for Sewyoucare.com.

My knitting kits are made with beginners in mind. Every kit comes with all the necessary materials and an instruction sheet. The instructions are easy to follow and clear. You will also find helpful tips for each project, such as needle and yarn size recommendations. I will provide you a guide that gives you a quick overview and useful information that is not available in books or online.

Ray Dawson

Professional seamstress

Ray is a professional fashion designer and seamstress and has been sewing since she was 11 years old. Ray runs her own sewing blog, where she shares her knowledge about sewing, from selecting the right materials to making a summer skirt.

Sew You Care would be a great resource for others to learn about sewing. She has faith that a blog is considered successful if it helps one person learn how to sew or help them find the right equipment.