Brother LS2125 Sewing Machine Review

The Brother LS2125 is an affordable, lightweight sewing machine that beginners will find easy to use for basic purposes. It has everything you need for your home or professional use, providing you with all the necessary features and tools to get started quickly.

It provides you with 25 built-in stitch functions include straight, zig-zag, satin, elastic, and blind hemstitches, which are among the most basic ones.

The Brother LS2125 features a one-step buttonhole and a built-in accessory storage compartment where you can store accessories such as scissors and extra needles during use. The machine also comes with a carry handle that enables easy portability to take it along on trips.

Moreover, you can sew any fabric using this model, including denim, leather, and wool.

For beginners, the Brother LS2125 sewing machine comes with many features that help you learn quickly. The automatic needle threader and an easy bobbin winding system make it ideal for newbies or people who are looking for more convenience. This machine can sew through multiple layers of fabric at once without any problems.

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Features of Brother LS2125i

  • Suitable for garments, crafts, and mending.
  • 10 built-in stitch functions include straight, zig-zag, satin, elastic, and blind hem
  • Built-in automatic 4-step buttonholer
  • It comes with auto-set stitch length and width adjustment
  • Easy threading and quick set bobbin winding
  • Free-arm included
  • lightweight (12.8 pounds) and portable (15” x 6” x 11.8”)
  • 25-year limited warranty

Tension Control Dial: There are two separate dials on the upper section of these machines. Increasing tension by turning to the right is recommended for chores such as clothing that will withstand a lot of tugging and pulling (and fabric panels). Loosening rather than increasing tension may be better suited for gentle wear or easily damaged materials if you turn to the left.

Stitch Selection Dial: Sewing is a breeze with the current sewing machine model, thanks to a dial that allows you to select different stitch types.

10 Built-in Stitches: This model comes to you with ten built-in stitches, including elastic stitch, blind hem, straight stitches, and zigzag stitches.

Presser Feet: The presser feet feature is a snap-on design that will allow you to switch between buttonholes, buttons, and zipper feet quickly.

What I Like About Brother LS2125i

  • You can make even heavier-duty fabrics like denim a breeze if you take good care of your machine.
  • Many users say that the Brother LS2125 is the best sewing machine for using denim and polyester fabrics. You can also try manual embroidery with this machine if you are more experienced or adventurous.
  • You can adjust the buttonhole feature so that you can use different sizes for your projects.
  • Although the machine is equipped with a few extra presser feet, as you gain more skills and need, it’s possible to purchase additional feet from Brother.
  • This sewing machine is a great choice for quilters who need to replace their machine or are just starting out in the craft.
  • It is easy to move the machine because of its lightweight. The machine is also very stable, so you won’t have any mishaps while you work on a large project.
  • A sewing machine that can sew professionally and looks great is what every sewer wants. The Brother LS2125 sewing machine allows sewers to reach different levels of sewing.
  • Because the market is increasingly conscious of the design and appearance of their tools, stylish looks can help increase market popularity. The machine’s elegant design and body framing can make it stand out in the marketplace. It is a frame that reflects the desire of designers to have a sewing machine that looks elegant.
  • This sewing machine’s main selling point is its simplicity; it is marketed primarily as a beginner machine.
  • Many users, who move on to more advanced models, keep coming back to the Brother LS2125 or give it to younger relatives who can safely use it with supervision.
  • This buttonholer’s smart, planned design is an example of modern precision that developed sewing machines have. It can create buttonholes with incredible technology in style and perfection.
  • The Brother LS2125 sewing machine is simple enough to be by both young and elderly people dealing with complicated features or specifications.

What Could Be Better

  • If the Brother LS2125 sewing machine is not maintained properly, it can become fussy.
  • Lint from places that shouldn’t have been there can cause tension to drop and stitches to be skipped.
  • Some users have reported problems with their bobbin popping out and the thread losing its tension while they work.

The Verdict

The Brother LS2125 sewing machine is ideal for beginners and those looking to upgrade from older models. It’s also great if you’re into quilting and other crafts such as making bags, pillows, etc.

A few things you should note about this model include:

  • This machine requires frequent oiling for its smooth operation.
  • As this sewing machine is designed specifically for beginners, an expert may not feel comfortable with it. The simplicity of this sewing machine may not be suited for someone looking for a challenge.

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